It’s lighter and more maneuverable but has the same ingredients that make it a Pro Staff and one of the game’s most popular racquets. Here it is - the Wilson Pro Staff 97 (the non-CV version). We hope you love this article. String Pattern Head Size: 97 in² / 625.81 cm². in. This works great for intermediate to advanced players. Offering the feel and precision players expect from the Pro Staff family, but with user-friendly maneuverability, the updated Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 impressed our playtesters around the globe. *I don’t have access to a racquet diagnostic machine to take these measurements, but expect they’ll be near if not identical to the prior model. Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP. The swing of the racquet is easier than earlier versions of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 but still retains the distinctive crisp feel. Right off the bat, I’m super excited about the new look of the Pro Staff line. Isometric technology also provides a 7% larger sweet spot. This racquet is similar to earlier versions by Yonex, however, it does include a substance called Namd, which is a uniquely flexible carbon material used to optimize the response by way of uniformly dispersing carbon nanotube in carbon fiber composites. The new Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review is here. Even with those specs, you will still get a sleek design, similar to the Wilson Staff … Most players report liking the way that the racquet performs; however, many do report that there are times when the racquet doesn't quite hit the mark. Either the all-black version, which I review here or the one with the white on the sides. *Note: The Pro Staff 97UL will only be available in the European tennis market. The RF 97 also makes a funny awkward sound when striking the ball with a full bed of poly strings. Designed for control, stability, and a solid response during use. Weight distribution contributes to power and control. … PRO STAFF RF 97. Even with those specs, you will still get a sleek design, similar to the Wilson Staff Pro RF97. To help narrow down some of the information out there, we've created this review to offer the information you need. As always, companies make improvements to products over time, and so now we have the Wilson Pro Staff 97. Here is my Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review. Although it remains unchanged, it’s worth noting that the Pro Staff 97 retains the added weight at three and nine o’clock of the racquet’s head to reduce the frame’s twisting on contact and improve control. The length is 27 in, the beam width is 22mm, and the stiffness is listed at 67 RA. Unlike it’s bigger brother, the RF97 v13, which specs remain the … Your email address will not be published. in. Every player is different, and needs options such as power, stability, baseline and serve performance. Searching for the right racquet can be a never-ending trip around the tennis world. Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP. Wider beam sections in the throat and at 3/9/12 o’clock enhances precision and increases stability at ball impact. ... New 2020 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Roger Federer Autograph 4 3/8 Racket Racquet. Note: to gain early access to these racquets through 9/27/20, you’ll need to sign up as a Wilson Insider on their website. As previously said, the Pro Staff RF97 was designed by Wilson with the aid of one of the most famous tennis players today, Roger Federer. The racquet can also deliver more power due to more weight being toward the part of the frame a player makes contact with. In many ways, you can think of the Pro Staff 97 v13 as the younger sibling to the Pro Staff RF97 v13, Roger Federer’s signature racquet. The final verdict on the Wilson Staff Pro 97 would be 4 out of 5 stars. You’ll find this toward the upper third of the frame. For the Pro Staff 97, my favorite part is the tasteful red and yellow strips added to the frame as a nod to the Pro Staff Original 6.0. Similar to previous versions of the Pro Staff, this racquet features a thin beam and provides a lot of feel. Due to the lower density string bed, the result is more power, spin, playability, and comfort when striking the ball. Great distribution of weight, better spin, allows the player to create control, There is a 6-month manufacturing warranty. All in all, the Pro Staff line’s design is subtle and understated, but if you look closely, it’s refined and tasteful, which is a breath of fresh air with so many racquets these days screaming for attention. To understand what the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is, we have to look at where it originated. Vợt có trọng lượng 290gram cùng cấu trúc dây đan 16x19 … Sep 15, 2020 | Tennis Rackets, Wilson Pro Staff Rackets, Wilson Rackets. with a 7 point head light balance, and a string pattern of 16 x 19. Although Wilson has made a few updates to the Pro Staff 97, the racquet’s specs compared to the previous generation remain unchanged. The head size of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is 97 sq. Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H. The Wilson Staff Pro 97 works for a variety of skill levels in the intermediate to advanced categories and players should expect to see improvements in their game with repeated use. with a 7 point head light balance, and a string pattern of 16 x 19. Many Pro Staff fans often gravitate toward the Pro Staff 97 as a more user-friendly option to the RF97, while the lighter 97L and 97UL are great options for players looking to drop the weight even further. Details about NEW Wilson PRO STAFF RF97 Autograph V13 Tennis Racket 2020 … Most users tend to mention that there is power when using it, however, sometimes there can be less control if it hits outside of the sweet spot. If you go to any club in any country, you will likely see a few players using the Wilson Pro Staff 97. It comes coated in two main colors: black velvet … New Release: Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 09.14.2020 Leaks Racquets When Wilson released the first Pro Staff back in 1983 (37 years ago!) Also included in the design of the racquet are Basalt fibers used to help reduce vibration of the racquet. Searching for something that serves up a great option for a tennis player you know? The racquet offered by Head is the lowest priced out of all mentioned; however, the Wilson Staff Pro 97 is a still a good option, for all of the specs and design that goes into creating it.