Electric avenue: shop the best electric guitar strings; Explore the best acoustic guitars you can buy right now; Stock up on guitar gear essentials and accessories; Whatever type of guitar you have, – whether it's an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar or even a ukulele – it's important your instrument is fitted with the right strings to suit your needs and playing style. To find out the recommended strings for your guitar, find yours over in our guitars section. In general, all non-cutaway dreadnoughts and jumbo guitars get medium gauge strings. I like the way they last and last, and I like the way they feel. $7.49 $ 7. It was inspired by our groundbreaking V-Class bracing, which boosts the volume evenly across the tonal spectrum, increases the sustain, and improves the natural intonation of the guitar by creating a more orderly response from the soundboard. Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w NANOWEB Coating, HD Light (.013-.053) 4.8 out of 5 stars 8,369 More Buying Choices $13.72 (10 new offers) Taylor’s patented, slim-profile neck features an array of hand-friendly touches: a shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, 1-11/16-inch nut width, low action, and light gauge strings, all of which contribute to a slinky handfeel. These strings are lightly coated to resist corrosion and are considered a light string gauge for acoustic guitars, with diameters from 0.012 inches to 0.053 inches. All SE* instruments are factory set-up with 9 - 42 gauge strings (except for the Mike Mushok Baritone, which is set-up with D?Addario XL157 - 14-68). Local Sales: (812) 479-9595, PRS Special 22 Semi Hollow Limited Edition. The Fender St r atocaster factory string gauge, as well as all other Fender guitars, will be listed in the Specs section of the respective guitar’s page on the Fender website. The guitar’s design specs are optimized for playing ease. Now our strings are on, we're in tune, but what we want to do is really make sure our neck relief is correct. Online Sales: (888) 794-8482Local Sales: (812) 479-9595. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! A: Strings are extremely important – Since June 1, 1999, we’ve been installing Elixir Strings on all steel-string Taylor models, and currently we use Elixir’s ultra-thin NANOWEB design. I think if you use strings with less tension, like lights, you might get more string buzzing. The GSmini is designed to use medium strings. Since June 1, 1999, Taylor has been installing Elixir Strings on all steel-string Taylor models, and currently use Elixir's ultra-thin NANOWEB design. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Strings are, however, the main attraction of guitar-like musical instruments. Guitars designed for nylon strings will be strung with our Martin Classic strings. Most 12 string guitars get extra light gauge. The rest get 10s. Silver Supporting Member. They sound good to me and their sound stays consistent as they age, but I confess the main reason I like them is that I hate to change strings. Again, all other things being equal—you’re using the same wrap alloy, same brand, all that sort of stuff—a heavier gauge set of guitar strings is going to have a little bit more output than a lighter gauge set of guitar strings. Guitar Spotlight: Taylor 327e Acoustic Guitar November 1, 2019 - by Colin Griffith - Taylor News. Kaman Music, builders of Ovation guitars, use D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze strings on its guitars when shipping the instruments. Sweetwater Sound Heavier gauge strings will drive more energy to the top and … We set-up the guitars at our factory with the following string gauges: Most solidbody instruments are factory set-up with 10 - 46 gauge strings. If you wanted to try the regular light gauge, go for it. Online Sales: (888) 794-8482 | Other options New Now, gently lift out the old strings from the bridge and discard them. In 2014, Taylor switched from 80/20 Bronze to Phosphor Bronze on most steel-string acoustic models. 301 N Royal Ave Elixir Medium Gauge Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB (.013-.056) Acoustic 12-String Models. There is a very simple way to do it: we are going to use the guitar string. there is a hybrid string gauge 9-46 that feel great on the strat!! The recommended strings are usually at the bottom of the product page. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 18. First used on guitar strings in the 1930s by D’Addario, the 80/20 bronze alloy contains 80 percent copper and 20 p… Take a vintage Strat or Mosrite for example (or anything with smaller vintage-style frets). Differences in tone are determined by the material and shape of both. With the old strings literally out of the way, you have a great opportunity to clean your fretboard. Our El Cajon, California and Amsterdam, the Netherlands Factory Service Center staff can help with any service, maintenance or repair questions concerning Taylor guitars. Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert, Academy Series, Big Baby Taylor, Baby Taylor, Elixir Light Gauge Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB (.012-.053), Grand Symphony, Grand Orchestra, Dreadnought, GS Mini, Elixir Medium Gauge Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB (.013-.056), Elixir Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB Light Gauge (.010 -.047), D’Addario (EXP PBB190GS) GS Mini Acoustic Bass Custom Light (.037-.090), D'Addario (EJ46FF) Pro-Arté Carbon, Dynacore Basses, Hard Tension, Elixir Electric Medium Gauge NANOWEB (.011-.049), Elixir Electric Light Gauge NANOWEB (.010-.046). Since June 1, 1999, Taylor has been installing Elixir Strings on all steel-string Taylor models, and currently use Elixir's ultra-thin NANOWEB design. At the TaylorWare shop, we offer a variety of guitar strings, including the Elixir strings that come stock on all Taylor guitars. Does the gauge matter, or should I use whatever feels best to me? According to Takamine’s FAQ What brand/gauge strings are factory installed on Takamines? Thomas Cepeda (Taylor Guitars) Hi Serge, This year, we did switch back to using regular light gauge strings for the GC and GA models, like your 314. 80/20 Bronze Most X-series, cutaways, and smaller models such as the OOO and the OO get light gauge strings. Light gauges are often chosen by fingerstyle players and singer/songwriters. **** Link to playlist with sound samples below **** Elixir HD Light strings are made the same as other elixirs, but the gauge of the set is unique. Many players just starting out prefer to kick off with an acoustic guitar. 4.7 out of 5 stars 386. The guitar string is always straight and something that has to be constant. These Gretsch strings were factory supplied with 6120 guitars for years, offering the Grestch sound right out of the box. After gauge, the next key factor is construction. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 ... Martin Guitar MA140S Authentic Acoustic Light-Gauge Marquis Silked Strings, 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings. Amazon.com: taylor guitar strings. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In general, lighter gauge strings put less pressure on a top and will produce a lighter softer sound as well as reduce finger fatigue. I like my Strat to be a little slinkier. Also become a big fan of the PB HD Lights, especially after being used to .013's on medium strung jumboes. Grestch has supplied the electric guitar market with their "Electromatic" nickel wound steel strings in the past. The Fender Stratocaster factory string gauge, as well as all other Fender guitars, will be listed in the Specs section of the respective guitar’s page on the Fender website. guitarman_nebr. Since June 1, 1999, we’ve been installing Elixir® Strings on all steel-string Taylor models, and currently we use Elixir’s ultra-thin NANOWEB design. We encourage you to call us with all your questions, but sometimes you need the factory to help, so here's the contact info! In 2015, we did string your guitar up originally with HD Lights. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. Elixir guitars strings are coated with a polyester material that keeps the dirt and grime from your fingers from corroding and rusting the strings, meaning that … I use Light gauge (.012) Elixir 80/20 Bronze Nanoweb strings on my Taylor. Best of all, it’s totally FREE, and it’s just another reason that you get more at Sweetwater.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Get Directions | Jan 11, 2011 #8 i use both on my strats and teles. Messages 14,676. Our pro musicians and gear experts update content daily to keep you informed and on your way. Click on the link below to download a PDF which lists the strings that are installed from the factory on guitars from most of the manufacturers we deal with. Messages 1,272. Using the HD lights on my Grand Concert and also my EJ200 which has laminated B&S and was strung with random light gauge strings when I got it. , Some Other String Maintenance Tips. Earlier in the late ‘90s, Taylor used Elixir Strings. In reality, a 12-string is tuned very much like a six-string, except that each of its strings is paired with another string of the same pitch or a pitch one octave higher: On 12-string guitars, the low E, A, D and G string pairs are tuned one octave apart, while the B and high E string … In terms of playing experience, Taylor claims the GT’s scale is "the equivalent of playing with a capo on the first fret of a 25-1/2”-scale guitar" and the gauge 12 strings its fitted with offer "the same string tension as if you tuned a guitar with a 25-1/2” scale length down a half step (E-flat to E-flat)". burningyen Member. TC-Helicon Go Guitar Pro Quickstart Guide, Black Spirit 200 Floorboard Sounds and Presets, Black Spirit 200 Floorboard Setup and Connections. Q: What guitar strings does Taylor install on its guitars? Later on, they have switched to Elixir’s ultra-thin NANOWEB piece. Factory Guitar Strings; Fender guitar factory string guage. Meet the latest addition to the Taylor family, sibling to the 317e acoustic guitar and the newest Grand Pacific model to hit stores. In 2014, Taylor switched from 80/20 Bronze to Phosphor Bronze on most steel-string acoustic models. Learn More. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Strats are the only guitar I prefer 9s on. Our knowledge base contains over 28,000 expertly written tech articles that will give you answers and help you get the most out of your gear. While it's perfectly OK to experiment with different types/brands of strings (excluding the GS Mini Bass), to maintain factory performance and specifications we recommend staying with the correct string gauges as follows. Elixir Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB Light Gauge (.010 -.047) GS Mini Bass - ONLY USE THESE STRINGS. Phone Hours | D’Addario (EXP PBB190GS) GS Mini Acoustic Bass Custom Light (.037-.090) Nylon-String Models. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. A light high E string might be .012 while a heavy high E string might only be .014, which is a very small difference. Body size is a significant factor on which strings to use - for instance, using Medium gauge strings on certain small-bodied guitars can sometimes even do damage. Click on the links below to see what string gauge your Fender guitar comes with. Setting up a string is extremely important. A: Strings are very important — they can alter the playability and tone of your guitar. That's what we always say here. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Up to 48 months with 0% interestUp to 60 months with traditional financingLearn more, Moore Music For convenience, an entire set of acoustic guitar strings is often called by the gauge of that high E string. Seems that Gibson/Epiphone ship all guitars with light strings. Steel guitar strings have two main components: the steel core wire and the wire wrap. What strings come on a Taylor GS Mini? Click on the links below to see what string gauge your Fender guitar comes with. 49. I have found no difference in playing my GSmini compared to my other full size guitars with light gauge strings. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. These string sets included .011, .014, .018, .028, .038, and .049 inch strings. 327e Acoustic Guitar Features The Grand Pacific has already made waves in the music world with the… Two of the most popular alloys, 80/20 bronze and phosphor bronze, differ in the mixture of metals they contain. Thus the composition and gauge of acoustic guitar strings should be carefully considered. Evansville, IN 47715 | Nines feel and respond amazing on these guitars and many vintage surf-style guitars were designed specifically to work with the lighter-gauge strings. Acoustic Guitar Strings. Because there are no pickups or amplifiers that contribute to the sound of acoustic guitars, strings have a relatively bigger impact on their overall sound. With the shorter neck, the tension on the strings is less than on a longer one. The next best thing about heavy gauge guitar strings is that in general, they give you more output. Using the saddle as a cantilever, exert gentle pressure to pull out the bridge pins. Nine-gauge strings do not always feel wimpy and some guitars absolutely scream for them. Builder's Edition K14ce acoustic guitar is a stunning Grand Auditorium that features Hawaiian koa back and sides paired with a torrefied Sitka spruce top. However, guitar string thickness (gauge) is measured in increments of thousandths of an inch.