At the end of the tour, we were like, ‘I don’t ever want to play the States, because if we play the States, we’re going to be in a broken-down van, playing for a couple people, maybe get a hot dog before the show.’” On the China tour, the band travelled on a chartered bus, feasted on excellent Chinese food each night, and spent a couple of hours signing autographs after every show, with the young audience members telling the band that Whale Fall (the band’s first release, in 2011) had been the first post-rock album they had ever bought. A variety of styles of guitar (including Vazin, Tokle, and Dave Pomeranz) and percussion (Aaron Farinelli) are often responsible for this sensation. Five Years Later: The Best Films of 2014!! It all starts with a lonesome piano. “That’s a great point.” Tokle nods. Sites: Wikipedia. Formed in 2008, … Every show was sold out or close to it. There’s a bit more of a liveliness, perhaps based on the idea of… well… a scene on a street. Click 9. Percussion slowly and gently comes in to caress, as does trumpet. This is a comforting and relaxing melody. A quick writing about @karmeljage, Eternal 283: After listening “a little bit” to the album, he simply began playing along as though he had been in the original jam session, then improvised a second track on top of his first. This is going to be a disaster.’ So I was steeling myself for the worst.”, The band was trying to get themselves psyched up for what they thought would be a bomb when the promoter, YiQi Liu, came backstage. In the past, we would use this time to pause, l…, If music is how we cope with the fate we are handed, Ólafur has given us a beautiful struc…, Smyth's new album gives us a reason to remember why we loved Scandal and missed the feisty…, This is a new band now, distinct from the one who made Rise Above and Bitte Orca, and they…, After a series of thematically and sonically holistic projects, Gambino’s latest album is …, Stoltz sounds as charged as ever right now, and there could be no more fitting way for him…, Criminally Overrated: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Hole: by Hiroko Oyamada (Translated by David Boyd). After that what may or may not be It Will Become Itself‘s centrepiece: “El Caracol”. I was like ‘Dude, ok, huge amps, drum riser, giant room—it’s gonna be empty. J-Matt Greenberg is reaching the final cornet tones in ‘El Pistolero’, and you can hear a pin drop. Whale Fall - Listen to Whale Fall on Deezer. It’s not that it sounds happy, but it’s just easy on the ears; gentle, soft and caressing. Some melodic falls that fit in nice and snugly for as long as necessary. Suddenly a form of beauty reveals itself as that which was there gradually flows away, leaving little remaining. Sound remains restrained, though much of what is going on feels like a suggestion of increasing mass and intensity. At the end of 2018, the band played a rare concert to celebrate the release of their third album, Sondersongs. It Will Become Itself by Whale Fall, released 24 April 2020 1. Depth of Field 12. The way I look at it is, we’ve got the trilogy of the big three records; this is kind of like ‘Rogue One.’”, Greenberg laughs. Specially The Madrean (2014) offers wonderful journey of … 619 Followers, 402 Following, 141 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Whale Fall (@whalefallband) So on this release we were saying, ‘Let’s just try to keep this raw and keep it as close to the point of inception as possible.‘ And it wasn’t intended to be a record. Sondersongs by Whale Fall, released 26 June 2018 1. And you can really, really hear it, especially in Aaron [Farinelli]’s [drum] playing. When you know you’re being recorded, you kind of get inside your head a little bit. Editor & Co-Runner Culture Eater | Host of Podcast Eater (The Culture Eater Podcast). Whalefall by Culled, released 14 April 2019 1. The resulting effect is, surprisingly, almost industrial in nature, adding to the breadth of genres discernible on It Will Become Itself. Slight shift and the horns become more frantic, the percussion much more tense. Before going for the expected crescendo Whale Fall instead pull back. --- A Street Scene 5. That field recording isn’t the peaceful chanting an American audience might imagine. We all come and take a peek out of the backstage door and the club is filled, filled to capacity. Pacific Whale Fall's It Will Become Itself is a lush, cinematic and fully improvised post-rock record that draws from Godspeed You! Quiet builds, then sounds akin to oceanic creatures form in the distance. And we walked out on stage and there was a five-foot-tall drum riser for Aaron. Careful strums wobble around a loose percussion flow; piano plays and controls the melody whilst adding a wistfulness to the proceedings. Gradually the percussion gains volume and greater clarity, as does guitar when it finally higher than other sounds. The lonesome trumpet finds a moment to speak out and paint the scene a little more; a scene of walking out into the night street after it recently saw rain. Go listen. A long, laborious process of mixing and decision-making—the band makes all musical decisions via consensus—followed. So we all kind of let our guard down, we threw caution to the wind. The album was nearly an accident. “There are a number of overdubbed tracks by all of the original band members except for drums. First of all, I think conceptually it’s a really beautiful idea that if you are applying your skills to a structure, and you’re authentically engaging with a piece, it’s going to become what it was meant to be; it is going to become itself. In the wake of A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed, Prisms spent a great deal of time performing.After the band relocated to DC and had a few member changes, the 11 songs on Whale Fall began to take shape.. We’re used to playing small local clubs, 150 to 200-person capacity. 1. Percussion keeps everything steadily moving forward. The Well 4. They really loved the sound of it, and then Tokle was able to weave it in the way that you [can hear on the album].”. Cast Against Type 6. On the sea floor, these carcasses can create complex localized ecosystems that supply sustenance to deep-sea organisms for decades. His playing is much freer, much less restrained. “‘My name is Liu, I represent a record label [in China] called Weary Bird Records, and I would love to bring you guys over for a China tour,’” Tokle recounts. Descent - Mobile Scavengers - Enrichment Opportunists 2. Ezekiel Rodofili November 9, 2020. Julia, Train, Slow Down 8. The Well 4. Your email address will not be published. Whale Fall successfully created It Will Become Itself from a single improvisational session. Additionally, at quite a few points Whale Fall could go for the big riff and do the expected. It’s perhaps a little too much on the melodramatic, but opening Whale Fall‘s It Will Become Itself with the dramatic “It Will Become Itself” feels appropriate. Secondly, with our experience in China being that we had no idea what we actually were in China, and then to sort of become what we became—which was, I’d say, a fairly successful performing entity—that really resonated with me.”. A brief drop away and a little more softness, then crunchy guitar comes back in. There’s a sense of the scenery here; perhaps it is the representation of being on a beach and staring out, bitter and burned out. Manukyan took a similar improvisational approach to that of the band. Horns sound out, announcing the arrival of something massive. “It will become itself” reverberated so strongly that Tokle got a Chinese friend to record himself speaking the phrase in Chinese. “And you know, you get an email like that and your first response is ‘This kind of sounds like nonsense.’ I figured this guy’s got a little label, he’s probably selling 20 CDs a year. “I got out front and there was a line around the block, like, around the block, packed, jam-packed. That they do so in so many different ways is a measure of their genius. “The Well” is much smaller in scope. The music is “moving” and they help to provide direction in that movement. Tremolo sounds flicker in and out before once more peeling back. And it literally was just lost for six months. As “A Street Scene” drops out, “Pacific” fills the void. As Greenberg recalls it, “Leticia [Greenberg’s wife] and I were walking around Beijing the day of our first show, and we happened on a Buddhist temple. Five Years Later: The Best Films of 2013!! El Caracol 3. A light flickering of sound at the edges, then percussion makes itself known. A dance continues onward and gradually grows in intensity and menace as it rolls and shifts into something more direct and grand in size. Guiding it all the percussion becomes a little fuller, but pulls back to allow room for other sounds. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. Then once more the building energy shifts into something else. I think I understand why this section is in “El Caracol”, but I’m not sure if Whale Fall are trying to articulate the plight of gastropods, express the history of a structure at Chichén Itzá, describe a whale fall in a joyously sombre manner, or if they’re just being self-congratulatory. It started with an email. Intro 2. And then Tokle went back through in December [2018] and discovered it and said, ‘This is great, this might even be worthy of an album.’”, The rest of the band thought so too. Perhaps this is a reflection on the title track, though perhaps putting the emotional wight in a different context and a sharp suit. “We felt like the Beatles. The group's self-titled debut record was written across several years and line-up changes. Whilst it begins quiet, it does not stay quiet. Sustantivo 10. Beijing, Spring, 2019: Whale Fall were about to play their first live show in China — and they were horrified. One that came on our radars mid-year though and never left was Sondersongs by LA-based post-rock quintet Whale Fall.Mixing lush, contemplative and horn-filled instrumental compositions with more driving, groove-based post-, the band manages to hit many … 1 talking about this. Decades 3. Asunder 4. The Apartment 5. We went back in the studio and said, ‘This is great as it is, but can we enhance it, can we kind of get a hybrid best-of-both-worlds?’ And so there are overdubbed trumpet tracks, there’s some overdubbed guitar—in contradistinction to our other albums where Tokle plays a little bit of guitar on very particular songs, Tokle plays a lot of overdubbed guitar on this record. But it was also possibly serendipitous timing.