When I started this blog, way back in 2006, I had no clue how long it would last. I actually had no idea I could even write about something for more than a couple of days. A lot to learn here and you can of course explore this with your own images. It’s best to save your image in PSD format while you’re still working on it. How can this help my brand? It doesn't "know" where your files are, it's just a passive link to a certain location on disk. Method 1 of 7: Starting a Picture. Contracts can have a lot of nuanced clauses and stipulations that can be difficult to track. Fake Model Photography With a very little effort, you can take existing photographs of everyday scenes and make them look like they’re actually of miniature models. Bringing a Stone Statue to Life Using a variety of adjustments you will learn to make this statue look as if it has skin. Anyone can submit work for inclusion to the gallery, and we pick the best of the best for showcasing. Learn how to add gradients, reflections and more to get a 3d look. While you can undo your ... that is active or selected. These are for those of you who know the basics and want to get a step further with your art and designs. All Rights Reserved. Aug 27, 2017 - Explore Melissa Dyer-Causton's board "photoshop project ideas", followed by 1085 people on Pinterest. This makes this a very good project, even if you simplify it to some of its core components. Make sure you set your Photoshop document and Illustrator color palette to CMYK (not RGB) mode before creating your artwork. Photoshop can be used to create renderings and visualisations from just a SketchUp model through photomontaging or used to provide the final touches to an externally rendered image through a post-production process …very similar to … It can be used for specific situation like button or logo creation. Pencil It In In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add pencil drawn elements into your designs. In this tutorial, you will learn how to retouch a face and create a pink background from different shapes. Even if you are a beginner you can learn some great techniques by reading this anyway, but there aren’t as detailed explanations of everything so you will require a good understanding of the program to do it yourself. Create A Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect How to make a nice bullet shot effect using a remote control to show a lot of tiny parts flying off after the impact: the circuit board, the buttons and a few chips. They simply fit everywhere and can look really awesome. HOW TO CREATE A SURREAL PHOTO MANIPULATION OF THE EIFFEL TOWER . You don’t always need the frills. Glass Ball This Photoshop tutorial takes you through 9 major steps to create a glass ball. It’s something as unusual as a 2d work inspired by a 3d render. Post Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation You will learn to create this realistic looking manipulation using adjustment layers, vector masks, and some special effects. The author also reveals what he claims is the easiest way to extract liquid images and keep them transparent. In this tutorial, you will see how you can use digital brushes to give certain details to your photos. I look for textures and references, to get a sense of how a building was constructed and how I can recreate it with Photoshop. Once the program has started, you will need to open a new file in order to create an image. I have a class of 12 graphic design students who are about 75% of the way through a intensive 2 week class. Smoke trails are a firm favourite among still-life photographers. This tutorial covers basic information about 3D layers and texture maps.