The lava pits will help deal with them even if you don’t have decent weapons. Great guide, one problem I found is the lack of master ninja gear/shield of cthulu. Try to never get hit by the Giant Tortoises in hardmode Attempt to make room in between you and an enemy at all times. Do keep in mind that if your arena gets too large, the middle of it may no longer be detected as Underground Jungle. Only use these if you’re still struggling after making a bridge. Glowing Mushroom Farm. Once Plantera reaches her second form, the player should be very wary and attempt to dodge Plantera's lunges. The best way to use that is to sprint away from him until you reach one end of the bridge. How to Kill Plantera! If you have an infinite flight mount like the Black Spot or the Cosmic Car Key, simply fly high enough there the ground-based enemies can’t beat you and take out the flying ones as they come towards you. The bridge should be easily reachable after spawning Skeletron, or else you may end up dying before you get to it. Plantera has a max life of 30000 in normal mode, 42000 in expert mode and 53550 in master mode. If you can locate a Plantera's bulb nearby a row of minecart tracks, you can easily annihilate Plantera at a distance while riding the tracks. Simply deep dodging the stingers and firing at the Queen Bee, and soon enough you’ll beat her and get your Master Mode Relic. Click each title to view the youtube video. This Guide to Progression in Terraria discusses the various barriers you must overcome and how you can advance the world toward Hard Mode by defeating the Wall of Flesh and on to Plantera and the end-game. The the end of the bridge, put a short wall to keep you from falling off as you run. Spawn Skeletron and sprint away from him while shooting his hands with Jester’s Arrows. Before entering Hardmode, I recommend creating an event base. (will always drop the first time Plantera is defeated in a world that is neither in Expert nor Master Mode). Plantera can only be spawned by breaking a Plantera's Bulb, by a Pickaxe, Drill, or various other means. The best time to hit her is when she charges you, and that requires successful dodging of each charge and then landing a shot each time. Make a long hallway, and place a Teleporter with a pressure plate on each end. Beating all 3 mechanical bosses will allow you to craft a minecart, and access to the next boss: plantera. To start out the fight, dash with the Shield of Cthulhu and immediately equip the Black Spot mount. The mechanical bosses are defeated and you’re ready to move on to the more difficult bosses. It’s important that you make the bridge towards the center of the underworld. I want to play ranger but i dont like using guns that much, i love the feel of the bows but every guide i see contains mostly guns. Underground, traps have been massively revamped. What’s your mage load out for this botanic panic? Keep one eye just on the edge of your screen, and continuously shoot them with the Daedalus Stormbow. Hunt Black Recluses in Spider Nests. Enemies are simply too strong to face head-on, and getting the maximum amount of health is the best thing you can do. This requires only a large sum of money, and can kill Plantera in a matter of seconds. Laying out minecart tracks may take a … If you have the party girl, you can buy Bubble Blocks, and make a small pocket to put honey in. Melee – strong class that sports the highest defense on average … The Underground Jungle is the best-recommended place to battle with this boss. Unfortunately, The Twins are a different story. The first step in our upgrade path is to create an artificial surface (above depth 0), the Glowing Mushroom farm. This is my first "big" guide, and would like some feedback to make it perfect ;) ... After defeating one of the mechanical bosses this will be the best yoyo possible till you defeat plantera (the "Red's Throw" and "Valkyrie Yoyo" are expert mode only). This will make it much easier to survive, Clear out water candles in the dungeon to decrease enemy spawn rate, which increases survivability. If you don’t have a base with lava traps already, it’s important that you make them. Once you have Gold/Platinum or better equipment, with some helpful accessories, you should be able to delve into your "evil" biome with relative impunity. The boss arena is going to be simple, though very large. If you destroy one hand early, he starts shooting skulls, so try to take out both hands at the same time. 18 tiles. That may cost you several platinum but it will be absolutely worth it. Throw a Guide Voodoo doll into a pool of lava in the Hell biome while the Guide is still alive. The biggest, grandest, and hardest boss of them all.