Publication date [1922] Topics Language and languages Publisher London : G. Allen & Unwin, ltd. Collection cdl; americana Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor University of California Libraries Language English. The "deficit theory" of education posits that students who differ from the norm in a significant way should be considered deficient, and that the educational process must correct these deficiencies. In Jespersen’s words, women are the “deficient gender” and their linguistic deviation from the (male) ‘norm’ reflects this. 1.1. mm, yeah. Studies such as Lakoff's have been labeled the "deficit approach", since they posit that one gender is deficient in terms of the other. From Language and Woman’s Place, 1975: Speak less frequently. Speak more quietly than men and tend to use the higher pitch range of their voices. Descriptions of women's speech as deficient can actually be dated as far back as Otto Jespersen's "The Woman", a chapter in his 1922 book Language: Its Nature and Development, and Origin. Jespersen, Otto, 1860-1943. Gender Theory: Deficit theory and more ... Back in 1922, a man named Otto Jespersen wrote a book about language. The deficit approach is attributed to Otto Jespersen who, in 1922, argued that male language forms were the ‘norm’ and the … Robin Lakoff, Deficit Theory, 1975. "Deficit model," "Deficit-based approach," "deficit view," and like terms are used in a wide variety of domains to characterize how individuals, groups of people, organizations, and even places are studied and understood. According to Otto, numerous researchers have studied language differences between economically privileged children and children who live in poverty. Jespersen and H. ... the paper ends with a conclusion about the deficit of scholastic grammar at colleges and ... the grounded theory methods (GTM), developed by … Frauen- und Männersprachen Jespersen geht von der immer wieder aufgestellten Behauptung aus, es gäbe Stämme, bei denen Frau-en und Männer ganz unterschiedliche Sprachen oder … This paper investigates what it is to understand human differences in terms of deficits and examines criticisms of this approach. The objective of Genderlect theory is to discover how men and women talk idiosyncratically which results into miscommunication. Show they are listening by using minimal responses . Otto Jespersen (1922) presented the notion of women’s speech being Addeddate 2007-09-11 19:11:35 Bookplateleaf 0004 Call number SRLF:LAGE-229846 Camera 5D Lakoff's research can be seen as representative of the ‘deficit approach’ or ‘deficit model’ to language and gender. I. Jens Otto Harry Jespersen or Otto Jespersen (July 16、1860-April 30、1943) was a Danish linguist who specialized in the grammar of the English language.He was born in Randers in northern Jutland and attended Copenhagen University、earning degrees in English、French、and Latin. Jespersen, Otto: Language: Its Nature, Development and Origin. Introduction. Literature Review Males’ and females’ use of language has been the point of discussion since long (J.L Viveswrote, 1538; Bingham, 1785). One part of that book was his evaluation of the differences between 'menspeak' and 'womenspeak'. London: Allen and Unwin 237-54. Use hyper-correct grammar and pronunciation: Standard English and clear enunciation For Otto Jespersen and other linguists from the early 20th century, a woman is not a man’s counterpart; she is his wife. theories of second language teaching and learning and acquisition and the viewpoints of Otto.