Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable is THE fertilizer that we recommend for petunias. In most cases, after the coffee has been brewed, the used coffee grounds are pH neutral. Bulk fertilizers for organic and conventional crop production . Garden petunias like a balanced fertilizer such as 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or 12-12-12. The product is extracted from sugerbeet or sugarcane. Plus This all-natural fertilizer produces vigorous plants big crops and luscious flavor in tomatoes! (China Supplier). If petunias are sown in a common container, it is better not to tighten with a dive (optimally – in the phase of cotyledon leaves). http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/143/potted-tomato-plant-yellow-leaves/ In early to mid-July, start using a liquid fertilizer every two to three weeks. This will prevent root burning from the fertilizer. Tomato Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Organic Gardening Gardening Tips Homemade Plant Fertilizer Gardening Gloves Container Gardening Nitrogen For Plants. These aren't tomato plants On sale today!!! Check the label on any product you buy for this information. You want “slow-release” fertilizer pellets which are coated with a polymer that let them dissolve at varied rates; the thicker the coating, the long it takes for the fertilizer in pellets to be released into the potting mix. What should I do? Dr. Earth 707p is a certified organic fertilizer for the plant. And unlike cow and chicken manure sheep manure isn’t ‘hot’ which means it doesn’t How To Ripen Green Tomatoes Indoors the Really Easy Way. Business : Tapioca ChipSoybean mealmeat and bone mealSpiceGarlic. Why not ask someone at your County Agricultural Extension office for that kind of information? Smooth texture sweet flavor. http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families/tools-resources Are used coffee grounds good for petunias and begonias as fertilizer? Geranium Lovers! My lawn looks like green velvet. Helpful. These are the kinds of plant food I’ve used my Homemade Fertilizer For Petunias whole life. Here are 5 fertilizers you can grow yourself: Manure is one of the best fertilizers for your garden. Grower’s Secret Fish Fertilizer. Ethanol Manufacturing Accounting. Grandiflora petunias are cascading petunias, usually selected for use in hanging baskets or atop rock walls. Warm instruction: Growing your own vegetables can be an extremely rewarding experience. They come in many varieties and colors, which makes them a gardener's favorite. Even the corn they plant as a cash crop is inspected and hand selected for the next years seed grain. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers for both borders and containers. Natural fertilizers, such as organic matter, can be used to build up the soil months on ahead. For years I have read that the best time to put fertilizer on a lawn is the fall. Although some species … They'll get what they need within 12 hours. The next obstacle is the first ammonia-fueled power of ordinary home-use manures. Janet Pizaro. New Petunias. Steeping compost in water creates an all natural plant food known as compost tea. There are many reasons to grow flowers organically, including the need to foil recalcitrant pests that seem immune to the expensive ready-to-use products sold on store shelves. Nitrogen metabolism is a well studied and a vital aspect of plant growth. Fertilizer Rate Apply 200 to 250 parts per million (ppm) nitrogen (N), using a calcium-magnesium formulation of a balanced fertilizer with low phosphorus (i.e. 7 tips for planting wave petunias in a hanging basket 1. While they are relatively easy to grow and maintain, when it is time to transplant your petunias, no matter which type you have, there are a few steps you should follow. We started I live in Florida. Well there’s one more thing. FEEDING In early spring spread compost around each tree. Serving private label and growing media market segments. To keep wave petunias blooming strong, plants should be fertilized lightly every 7 to 10 days. Gro-ables Coupon August 2013. there are no bugs and the weather has not been too hot This richly foaming cleanser will leave your complexion purified hydrated and Organic Fertilizers. And to keep wave petunias blooming constantly, slow and steady works wonders. http://www.sba.gov/community/discussion-boards/dialysis-home-health-and-laboratory-services. Guizhou Ferti-mine Phosphate Co.Ltd. of water. Original Author. “Also global demand for this supply of fertilizer nitrogen continues to increase especially in countries such as China and water tomato plants how often India with rapidly expanding economies” Leikam said. There are two ways to make compost tea: the basic method (simple steeping) or the aerated, brewed version. How to Produce Plump Healthy Blueberries. Dilute this liquid in a gallon of water, then place in a spray bottle. Successfully Growing Tomato Plants in Montana Some Short Season Tomato Growing Tips Vitamin B6 And Fertility. Even the dyed-in-the-wool organic flower gardener who generally avoids pesticides can appreciate the ability to formulate homemade garden remedies to control stubborn perennial insect pests. APE – Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts A Planted Aquarium Community > The Planted Aquarium > Fertilizer: EI Dosing calculator the super easy way! Organic Agriculture. In addition, they can be a bit pricey. Tech Support on SPRINGTAIL CONTROL. As they are heavy feeders, petunias care will also include weekly feedings. Best Fertilizer For Mexican Petunias Organic Liquid Hydroponic. Engineering: Sul-Po-Mag. With this one you will not have to worry about fertilizing your potato plants frequently, users believe that it is usually enough if you apply it at the time of planting. Now that you have the list of the best fertilizers for your petunias, the next step should ideally be to get one immediately. No matter how rich your potting soil or garden soil is, petunias, (or any annual flower for that matter) require a constant supply of nutrients to produce those massive amounts of blooms and flowers. Ingredients Maize distiller’s grains with solubles alfalfa meal dehydrated wheat middlings soybean meal calcium carbonate ground flax cane molasses bentonite zinc methionine complex soybean oil Cucumbers are a crop requiring a moderate amountof fertilizer. You always want to be careful when planting any kinds of annuals early in the spring. Best Varieties to Grow . Soil prepared before planting petunias should have well-composted organic matter worked in. Best in fertile soil. You need to check out for the right spot to grow tomatoes. These can consist of clay (powder fertilizer), limestone, and sawdust. Either apply slow release fertilizer at the time of planting or feed them every other week using the diluted liquid fertilizer like 10-10-10. Learn how to make your own fertilizer and keep your garden green without spending a lot of green. Petunias are ornamental flowers that are often found in both flower beds and containers. Drammatic brown spots on young tomato plant leaves Organic Plant Food with Kelp is an all natural 100% organic liquid fish fertilizer with kelp added to provide even more microntrients vitamins and hormones which are beneficial to optimal plant growth. Fertilizer. Find and compare a variety of fertilizer spreaders (crop cultivation) equipment in australia on agriculture xprt on the world’s largest agricultural industry portal. Fertilizer is ideal because it provides the right nutrients so that the flowers grow large and strong. Table 4 summarizes the percentage of consumed nutrients excreted by cattle. More. ... Care of petunias will include regular fertilization with a balanced, water soluble fertilizer designed for blooming plants. Cottonseed meal is used primarily for ruminant livestock feed (cattle, sheep and goats), where it can be included up to a level of approximately 20 percent in local rations. The best time to treat your Petunias with fertilizer is beginning to mid-July, and every few weeks. 9 Easy-to-Make Plant Fertilizers with Everyday (or Easy to Source) Items 1 – Coffee Grounds. I just wanted to thank you for the great products that Natural Alternatives produces. I believe that my reply stated that fact thank you. Mattson – who adds Epsom salt to his fertilizer for plants such as roses pansies petunias and impatiens – says gardeners can proactively mix Epsom salt with fertilizer and add it to their soil monthly Most varieties will grow in Utah but not all are available. Homemade Fertilizer For Petunias fluoride is a water additive which promotes strong teeth; erosion of natural deposits; discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories. I’ve seen a few schools of thought. Fertilizer for plants, Flower fertilizer, Garden fertilizer, Plant growth, Plants, Diy fertilizer - Coke The Best Fertilizer For Plant Growth GardenTipz com - #Fertilizerfor #plants. Here’s how to make $40000 with these tasty fruits First understand growing heirloom tomatoes is not a get-rich-quick scheme at all. See 1 Previous . http://hsc.unm.edu/community/AHEC/ Fertilizers can be used, but you can successfully fertilize your cactus by making a soil blend that already has the fertilizing ingredients in it. For organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion follow label directions as they may vary per product. Use Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes once a season Spring & Fall to promote lush beautiful foliage on your trees and shrubs! seaweed extract seaweed fertilizer grape vine organic fertilizer Product Description SEAWEED EXTRACT fertilizers are made from fresh seaweed that is rich in trace elements and natural growth hormones. Fertilizer for Strawberry plants. certified flame retardant applicator. [Reply]. They bloom from spring into winter. Even plants that naturally thrive in poor soil benefit from fertilizers in garden settings. Red Meizitang Strong Version. Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Seedlings 1. This will encourage good foliage and flower growth. For example, a label that says 10-10-10 fertilizer has 10 percent of each. Natural Fertilizer For Petunias Growing Tomatoes Gardening Container san Antonio TX Local Time: 4:20 PM (Central) Local Temperature: 88.. A blend of slow release fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn as green as it can be. For ground cover petunias, use liquid fertilizer every week and water a few times each week. Excess or untimely application can contaminate Natural Fertilizer For Petunias groundwater with nitrates. The most commonly used organic Bermuda fertilizers are Nitrogen fertilizer, Potassium fertilizer and Phosphorus fertilizer. http://hpm.ph.ucla.edu/students-alumni/prospective-students/financial-support Human urine must be diluted at 15 or 20 to 1 with water for fertilizer. The key word is lightly. It can be applied in the US will have at least a full four months of non-dormant for the months. How the geraniums benefit from this fertilizer? Right? They are prolific bloomers, although some forms require deadheading to keep them going. How to Plant a Tomato. Natural Fertilizer For Petunias Growing Tomatoes Gardening Container san Antonio TX Local Time: 4:20 PM (Central) Local Temperature: 88.. A blend of slow release fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn as green as it can be. Best Natural fertilizer n the Corn Belt without bending the best fertilizer with the Duval County Extension Service and the seedlings at this time. Liquid mineral fertilizer for geraniums provides abundant flowering for all types of petunias. I have been so pleased with your products for the lawn and for my flower beds and tomato plants. Password: Register: FAQ: Calendar: Search: Today’s Posts: Mark Forums Read: The straight nitrogen products will typically have an analysis similar to traditional liquid N fertilizers Feedback Form New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) is 13 hours ahead seaweed fertilizer suppliers uk of UTC and Chatham Daylight Time (CHADT) 13 hours 45 minutes ahead Seed Coating Colorants. Janet McLeod Scott Home & Garden Information Center. Vermiculture Equipment & Accessories. We are going to talk about the ... Of course, every ingredient is natural and/or organic. Feature Pomiculture: Grapes Kiwis Apples Pears Oranges etc.Floriculture: Roses Tulips Carnations Lilies for fresh Cut flowers. Jul 2, 2015 - ebd8aa323037c0b3619c374fb8173d47.jpg 640×852 pixels. Janet McLeod Scott Home & Garden Information Center. If you are planting the soil without a lot of organic matter, you can use a water soluble fertilizer to feed the plant initially. To keep wave petunias blooming strong, plants should be fertilized lightly every 7 to 10 days. http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/2109/lawn-fertilizer-spreader-john-deere/, http://www.spiritualityandhealth.duke.edu/images/pdfs/Naseem_Qureshi.pdf, http://www.uic.edu/depts/ovcsa/commencement/schedule.shtml, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/15908/seaweed-fertilizer-buy/, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/8711/bone-meal-dog-biscuits/, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/788/liquid-fertilizer-label/, http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families/tools-resources, http://hpm.ph.ucla.edu/students-alumni/prospective-students/financial-support, http://www.sba.gov/community/discussion-boards/dialysis-home-health-and-laboratory-services, Growing Tomatoes In Sacramento California, Avail Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer Corn, SZLH 350 Poultry Pellet Mill series adopt wearable clutch as the safety Select the proper fertilizer for your lawn – Most established lawns can utilize phosphorus, At Stevens Fertilizer we have the right fertilizers and equipment to meet your grass production needs. With many brands on the market, this article aims to make your work simpler. Helpful. Tomato Leaves Rolling? Choose a fertilizer with equal parts of nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Fertilizer For Mexican Petunias Lawn Information texas Tomato fertilizer such as Gro-Power, Green All Palm Food, E. To prevent Virus, Bacteria, Fungus and potassium nitrate (one potential of the If plants) back up to the first set of leaves or deeper. Join the forum discussion at And the flowers all come back (even the hibiscus which likes to Horse Power Nail Fertilizer contains horsetail extract a powerful herb rich in nutrients. Organic Fertilizers Table Soil Health Adding Soil Amendments Enhancing Soil Fertility Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium pH Manure Fertilizers Compost Fertilizer eStore. However, most petunia varieties will bloom throughout the summer, except in extreme heat. Before transplanting into the garden, harden the tender seedlings off to acclimate them to outdoor conditions. Michael Specter a longtime staff writer for The New Yorker who also visited best fertilizer orchid tree a chicken shed once wrote: “I was almost knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia. Special liquid mineral fertilizer for all types of orchids. Operation of liquid fertilizer equipment and manufacturing process equipment processes and controls to analyze and identify potential process improvements and efficiencies and follow through to prioritize and implement process A hydroponic system provides endless opportunities and a secure well-engineered place to grow your veggies indoors. I tend to stay away from the severe pruning. More. Q: When is the best time to apply fall Homemade Fertilizer For Petunias fertilizer? Like; Save; calpat. How to Grow Tomatoes. Plants do well in areas with full sun. Therefore, you can use it around children and pets without issue. Though it contains a ratio of 3-9-4 for NPK needs, it also has a blend of other helpful vitamins and nutrients. Home Gardening Ideas (67). It is a 5-foot metal corkscrewlike device that you wind your plant around as it grows. As tomato seeds, and I’ll use the ecological diversity of Georgia faculty in 1968, Dr. That great tomato plant riscuri; Iarba 20-10-20 or 20-9-20) if keeping the pH low is a challenge. Good Fertilizer For Petunias nPR’s Wade Goodwyn reflects on how to avoid a future catastrophe. Bone meal can be used to make fertilizer because of its Grind up the bones to a powder. Compared to natural settings, perennial beds are crowded and competitive. … http://www.fsis.usda.gov/shared/PDF/Veterinary_Student_Internships_Externships.pdf Could Festuca glauca ( Gray Fescue ) be the next plant for your home? Millie. chicken meal lamb meal etc.) Amino acid based organic fertilizer An easy to follow step-by-step guide on Growing Tomatoes Outdoors in the UK with lots of pictures. This forum is meant for the discussion of organic gardening. Thrips are tiny insects yellow brown or black with fringed wings. Wynn and Barbara Fougre list the following essential oils potentially toxic to cats: basil birch clove Using certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted hydrosols insures no fertilizer or pesticide From: Maria Numbers [mailto:[email protected]. Spread a 25-ft long piece of plastic sheeting over the area to collect the fertilizer or lime. Other Markets. Order: 10 Metric Tons. Amino acid based organic fertilizer An easy to follow step-by-step guide on Growing Tomatoes Outdoors in the UK with lots of pictures. Vatansever added that any BSE infectious agents that might have been present in the meat and bone meal were deactivated during the process Fertilizers for vegetables(26). Proper light, water, and fertilization when caring for petunias will ensure a long season of beautiful blooms. There are also other fertilizers with different levels of the macro-nutrients that will benefit your Petunias. A 10-10-10 fertilizer will have 10% of each nutrient, whereas as 24, 8, 16 would have 24% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus and 16% potassium. Organic fertilizers are made from natural matter, hence are more environment and earthworm friendly. Once the apple trees begins to bear fruits the small tomato plant yellow leaves fertilizer needs of the tree should be fulfilled if a person wants continued good harvest of fruits for the rest of the tree’s life. US $215-220 / Metric Ton ( FOB Price). Personally, we get fantastic organic liquid fertilizer results in our organically grown garden vegetables with mix-it-yourself Llama Nuggets(TM) from a little boy who sells Llama I would have though chicken manure would be extremely high in nitrogen - my tomatoes always seem to think so! Fertilizer . Without the right nutrients, petunias may be slow to grow, fail to bloom or produce pale or discolored leaves. on Jun 25, 2018. http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/8711/bone-meal-dog-biscuits/ This natural fertilizer is a unique blend of fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, blood meal, feather meal, and sulphate of potash to give the plant all the food it requires to produce delicious and large potatoes. Moreover, unlike chemical fertilizer, it takes time to break down its nutrients. An organic npk fertilizer can b slow-releasing or when to plant tomatoes portland fast-releasing. Yellow tomato leaves are an indication of one of several tomato problems. Use a high quality, rich potting soil as the cactus will glean nutrients from this blend gradually over many weeks. It is no surprise that this variety is quite stingy with nutrients. Here are the top 10 best bloom booster fertilizers in 2020 reviews. Fertilizers with an 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or 12-12-12 will greatly help your Petunias. Additionally, application of compost on top of the surface can be made too. 13-2-13, 14-4-14 or 15-5-15 Cal-Mag) or a more acidic ammonium-containing fertilizer (i.e. By feeding can begin at least 10-14 days after the change of residence of the seedlings (it is necessary to give time to the seedlings to adapt to the new place, because even a carefully conducted dive will still be a stress for them). Add a dash of dish soap to the mixture, then strain it through a fine strainer. We can tailor our application techniques to fit your needs. 3.They developed hi-tensile galvanized steel stakes to help commercial growers produce stronger plants while grass fertilizer may maintaining a clean environment. Order: 10 Metric Tons. Make sure the chemicals, Systemic fungicide Concentrate Water in Thoroughly. Often, flower fertilizers have more phosphorus than other ingredients. Sanitation is the best control. You don’t want to make the mistake of filling your Wave petunia basket too full when the plants are small. Tomato Leaves Rolling? Janet McLeod Scott Home & Garden Information Center. 5 answers . Glacier Tomato $2.00. http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/2185/what-is-the-best-fertilizer-for-orchids/, http://nursing.ucsf.edu/faculty/catherine-bliss, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/500/tangerine-tree-fertilizer/, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/2126/type-tomato-plant/, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/143/potted-tomato-plant-yellow-leaves/, http://www.fsis.usda.gov/shared/PDF/Veterinary_Student_Internships_Externships.pdf, http://www.pnmwg.org/fertilizers/1343/improving-fertilizer-phosphorus-use-efficiency/, What Fertilizer Is Good For Dogwood Trees, Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass In Arizona, Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Yellow Then Brown, Liquid fertilizers are fast-acting since they are quickly absorbed by the, The tea boosts a variety of micro organisms which are beneficial to soil-based cultures but there are numerous warnings that it can also introduce disease this way, Cucumber mosaic virus causes tomato plants to yellow and become bushy and stunted. Knives rather than saws are used at the boning stage, and our unique packaging processes ensure a shelf life of 48 to 60 days. Soap-Shield Fungicidal Soap With Soap-Shield you now can grow vegetables fruits and flowers that you may have given up on because of their susceptibility to disease! Proper fertilizers help perennials keep their beauty and vigor, and prepare for coming years. The nutrients of this fertilizer are derived from Fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, soft rock phosphate, and mined potassium sulfate by natural handcrafted blend. To encourage blooming a fertilizer such as Stokes grass fertilizer new seed Tropicals’ Plumeria Blend (8-14-10) is ideal. Plantella Special Liquid Fertilizer for Petunias. Yellow tomato leaves are an indication of one of several tomato problems. Multiflora petunias are shorter, and tend to have more blooms, even though the blooms are smaller. Prices for Organic Garden Minerals Trace Elements and Fertilizers 2013 Updated April 3 2013. I got home from my vacation I bought Moisture Control Potting Mix Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food and LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit. Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus I have changed nothing in the method that I’ve used to raise these tomatoes other than to use AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer. We could produce various kinds of formular of COMPOUND NPK fertilizer and add TE acording to client’s demand. Worm compost tea is known mostly for its ability to boost microbiological activity in soil by adding bacteria fungi acinomycetes and protozoa to the soil. This is a kind of Nitrogen-phosphate-potassium fertilizer. In Nigeria, phosphate rock from Togo (50 percent acidulation) was tested at Agricultural Development Project farms (a World Bank project). Mix the liquid fertilizer with water following the directions on the fertilizer package for the size of your petunia basket. Step 1 Take two parts soil and two parts sand and blend them together thoroughly. Gasification, one method of converting feedstocks to fuels, traditionally produces. Survivors of the West fertilizer plant explosion have spoken about their dramatic escape from for $1million each over posting bootleg videos of his live shows Filed lawsuit over copyright infringement. This forum is meant for the discussion of organic gardening. Agriculture and forestry based greenhouse gas emissions mitigation: an economic exploration of time dependent effects. Plantella Special Fertilizer for Orchids . http://www.uic.edu/depts/ovcsa/commencement/schedule.shtml Seattle Burlap provides BURLAP BAGS reclaimed from national and local roasters. Spreading petunias are only 6 inches (15 cm.) Amino acid based organic fertilizer An easy to follow step-by-step guide on Growing Tomatoes Outdoors in the UK with lots of pictures. Natural fertilizers, such as organic matter, can be used to build up the soil months on ahead. While petunias will grow in a partially shaded location, a fuller and more abundant bloom is produced in full sun. Fertilizers with an 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or 12-12-12 will greatly help your Petunias. Best Fertilizers for Petunias Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable. This natural fertilizer is a unique blend of fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, blood meal, feather meal, and sulphate of potash to give the plant all the food it requires to produce delicious and large potatoes. Nandina, I will let you know this years experience & I will take note of the smoking stuff. Winter squash is grown to maturity on the vine until the skin is very hard (unlike summer squash which is harvested while the skin is still tender). integrated withGrindingconveyingmixingpelletingcooling –. The back of the container will also include any filler ingredients. Garlic has natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, and it is also a potent pesticide. A balanced fertilizer means all numbers are equal. Most brands feed plants for at least 60 days, and some supply a steady stream of nutrients for up to 120 days. If you live in Florida you know that Florida landscaping does not always follow all the rules. Hope to quit. Toprose is the essential rose and shrub feed for vibrant blooms.. How to plant tomatos. Use as a general all-purpose fertilizer for vigorous plant growth. Grandiflora petunias are cascading petunias, usually selected for use in hanging baskets or atop rock walls. Indoor Plant Lighting. All those lovely flowers contend for the same nutrients. An organic fertilizer for vegetables is necessary if you want to call your garden an organic food garden. Petunias are greedy and needy plants when it comes to fertilizer. Using coffee grounds in your soil isn’t as simple as some green and eco tips you might learn about online would have you believe. Shampoo Cheap Philip Nordic Wood Step 12 Ounces Discount Fast Grow ethnic Growth Enhancer 180ct Buy Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Conditioner online arizona’s best fertilizer Get the best globe willow tree fertilizer price for Jane Carter Solution It distresses me greatly to see the untold of pounds of bluegrass seed sold for lawns where it is destined to starve to death. The seed orders have arrived the pepper seeds are sown and tomatoes will go in next week. Enter Your E-mail ddress: Enter Your First Name (optional) Earth Organic 5 Fertilizer for all organic vegetable gardens to maximize your healthy garden. Inorganic Fertilizers. How to Fertilize Petunias. However, many organic gardeners don’t like to use products with chemicals in them and try to make use of other more natural forms of fertilizer, such as having compost piles, or making their own products to use. If you plant to eat your tomatoes only apply organic and food-saf Buy Organic Fertilizer Farm Pasture Garden Vegetables Fruit Orchard Wildlife Food Plot Lawn Golf Course Turf – Also Bulk Liquid Fertilizer Distributors Shipping to USA & Canada The rare earth elements (REEs) content of Kakul phosphate rock (PR) from different localities of the main Hazara deposits of Pakistan were determined using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA).