Nagaland, North East India, October 2014., Amazing portrait of Naga saddhu sadhu baba during Maha Kumbh mela 2013 in Allahabad , India, The Yimchungers both male and female have numerous traditional dresses decorated with every hue and colours. Nagaland, North East India, October 2014., Naga tribe women smoking pipe ; Kohima ; Kisama village ; Nagaland ; North East ; India NOMR, Nagaland, is a small hilly state, in the north eastern part of India. Elderly Konyak Naga woman with traditional jewelry. The shirts are worn over long-sleeved blouses with collared necks. The cold terrains that dominate the Paradise on Earth make the traditional dress code of Jammu and Kashmir to be essentially winter clothes. The population, (mostly ethnic Naga people) is nearly two million. Uttarakhand:,, All traditional Islamic attire pieces for men are based on modesty., Woman worshipping Naga idols in Kachabeswarar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kanchipuram ; Tamil Nadu ; India,, Nagaland, India. Mon district. Hornbill Festival Nagaland JK Photos Nagaland Blogging Photos – The Good, The Bad and Even The Ugly Ones. The traditional Hindu male garment pheran is always plain and has narrow sleeves and a left side breast-open collar with a kind of lapel or lace emerging from it. Partial view of Kohima from Kohima Science College... Ao Naga Men and Women in traditional attires, Lotha Tokhu Emong Festival Photos - Lotha Men and Women in Traditional Lotha Dress. Beautiful Lotha Naga girl. Nagaland. Saved by John Humtsoe. It is different for every tribe and besides, there are varieties and sub-varieties in every group. Traditional Dresses of North East Indian States gives an identity to the Asian fashion worldwide. The casual costume of a dress of Angami women includes a petticoat called neikhro, a sleeveless top called vatchi, a white skirt called pfemhou. Men, on the other hand, wear the dress with a similar style along with ornaments, bangles, pendants; bracelets etc which give a religious look altogether. Women's Portrait Photography .. Tribal Dress. Naga snake shrine, Thailand,,, Smiling Naga woman wearing traditional woven cane head basket, shopping in Tizit village weekly local market, Nagaland, India,, Elderly Konyak Naga Tribe Woman Carrying Firewood,, Woman beside a bowl of fire in Naga Pooshani Amman Kovil Temple on Nainativu Island near Jaffna, Sri Lanka,, Algeria, Tassili n' Ajjer, Tadrart, Sahara, Tassili n' Ajjer National Park, woman in front of sanddunes and rocks of Moul Naga,, Selective focus close up Macro image of a traditional tribal red earring worn by a Naga women,