Alot is a tehsil and a small town; it is a tahsil of Ratlam district and the hometown of the Jangalwa Dynasty. Madhya Pradesh – meaning "Central Province", is a state in central India. India is a land of rich history and culture, and Madhya Pradesh is one such state in India that bears testament to this fact. The culture of these people is very colorful and has varied dimensions which are the outcome of different customs and traditions and arts and crafts followed by different blends of people. Alot is a main station for Jain thirth; Jain people go there daily for the darshan of Lord Jain Swetamber.A small village, Vikramgarh, is also part of Alot.This is because some of the land of Alot lies within the boundary of Vikramgarh so the full name of Alot is Vikramgarh Alot. Madhya Pradesh offers everything to satisfy your traveller’s as well as your foodie soul. Culture. Traditional Dresses of Madhya Pradesh. Then be it the historic importance, rich culture or the food. Being the heart of India Madhya Pradesh assures a delightful package to its visitors. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Madhya Pradesh: . Its capital is Bhopal and the largest city is Indore. Nicknamed the "heart of India" due to its geographical location in India, Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest state in the country by area. Its physiography is characterized by low hills, extensive plateaus, and river valleys. But that’s not all. That’s Madhya Pradesh for you! The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh varies regionally. Jabalpur (English: / ˌ dʒ b əl ˈ p ʊər /, US also / ˈ dʒ b əl ˌ p ʊər /, Hindi: [dʒəbəlˈpʊɾ]; formerly known as Jubbulpore, the official spelling until 2006) is a tier 2 city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.It is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Here is a list of some amazing dishes that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the state. Concrete houses are gradually replacing these beautiful rural homes in Madhya Pradesh December 18, 2017 Mud homes with sloping, tiled roofs are a common sight in the Madhya Pradesh … The elevation of Madhya Pradesh ranges from 300 to 3,900 feet (90 to 1,200 metres). “Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho”- a catchphrase of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism is enough to describe the significance of the State that lies at the heart of Incredible India. Madhya Pradesh is noted for its rich cultural heritage where the essence of all the Indian culture is encapsulated. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, Madhya Pradesh has deliciously delightful food for all. Culture of Madhya Pradesh Dominated by tribal communities, this state of central India is rich in culture. The state of Madhya Pradesh is rich in culture and history. In 1956, according to the States Reorganization Act, the states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were merged into Madhya Pradesh, and the Marathi-speaking southern region Vidarbha, which included Nagpur, was ceded to Bombay State. Madhya Pradesh lies over a transitional area between the Indo-Gangetic Plain in the north and the Deccan plateau in the south. Known as the 'Heart of India' due to its location at the centre of India, Madhya Pradesh is well known for its incredible culture. Though the state has some cultural similarities to states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra, it still owns a unique culture of its own.It is the land of vibrant folk music and dance which is still intact since the Mughal period. Relief. The heart of India also has many mouthwatering delicacies to offer. The new states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were formed out of the Central India Agency.