2. ref id Quest stages (for use with the setstage console command). Over the next two days, he surveyed the area. Finish this side quest quite a few times and never … From here, go through the door labeled "Quarters." When a pest is exposed to the fungal spores, the fungus infests it and begins to colonize the host body. 000e60fd (entrance hall)000e608f (oxygen recycl. Just follow the main halls and the Courier will end up in Motor-Runner's room. "Meat of Champions" is a special perk that is added after consuming the forbidden meat of Caesar, Mr. House, The King, and … The screen will go black, and when the scene resumes, he is now Elder Hardin. The location of the paladin can change from game to game because of the artillery the Boomers fire when the Courier first approaches Nellis. After the player reports the chapter's peril to Hardin, the Head Paladin calls for a vote of no faith in McNamara's leadership, resulting in his demotion into a knight and Hardin's assumption of the title. It is a darkish red/orange color. In this room, one will find the differential pressure controller in a locker to the right of the entrance. Scientists attempted to eradicate them by igniting gas deliberately released in the lower levels of the vault. Bugs [ edit | edit source ] PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 There is a game-breaking bug where, after talking to Elder McNamara to complete the quest, your HUD disappears and you are unable to do anything but go switch third-person or first-person, sneaking and turn around. The rock which the scout is on is not adjacent to the rocks surrounding the camp; there is a large gap in between the rock that the scout is on, and the Ranger tower on the southern side of the camp. Once inside, an Average locked door must be opened on the lower level in the northwestern corner of the room or progress to the overseer's office, and use the terminal and disengage the lock. 3. This floor is filled with deadly "savage" spore carriers. Fallout: New Vegas is not a direct sequel to Fallout 3. [17] What he saw snapped something inside him. J. Hendricks - final overseer This is a big pain in the butt since I have to go there to complete a quest. There is a backyard behind that house bordered by a wall with ornamental decorations. Return to Hidden Valley and give the parts to. Just run left toward the fence staying as close as possible to the rocks and go along the fence to reach the gate. Speak to Elder McNamara in the command room. ", The first interior door to the staircase very faintly reads ", The origins of the spore plants in Vault 22 are explained in an ending of. Next try going back to vault 22 and check the locker again. mentioned in Elder McNamara Head into the upper atrium and drop down to the level below. Fallout New Vegas Gameplay, Part 60. - Take the first door to the right. If the Courier has found and spoken to Keely, she remotely locks the entrance to Vault 22. After speaking with the ranger either convince him to go help kill the fiend leader or just kill him for the maintenance room key. Find the missing Brotherhood patrol at Nellis AFB and retrieve their mission holotape. Here is one probable location: After the Boomers stop bombing, stand at the entrance to Nellis. 28.Vault 22 (also involved in several other quests) is west of Westide outside New Vegas. People reward Hidden Valley bunker, L2 name Being inside [Vault 22 - the entrance] you can take the stairs down (M16A:1) or fix the elevator (M16A:2).Head to the [Vault 22 - Common Areas], drop down to the level below and find the door labeled Quarters (M16D:1).Watch out for the Spore Carrier Savages.In one of the rooms (M16D:2) you can find a Vault 22 Cave Door Keycard #1.Go now to the [Vault 22 … The 6 HEPA 20 cartridge filters are in a locker on the 2nd Level - Oxygen Recycling, in the same level where one can find Keely after rescuing her in the side quest There Stands the Grass. The advertisement in and of itself is unique when compared to other vaults that generally attempt to stay concealed. However, you may wish to wait until the vault is finished. Passing a Speech check (40) will lead to the ranger blowing himself up the next time he uses the radio. VAULT 22 (MsA:9). - At the end of the hall take a right to the overseer's office The first scout is located on the northeast end of the NCR Correctional Facility, relatively close to the facility, and relatively low to the ground. It begins with pneumonia as the fungus invades the lungs, eventually transforming into chills, a fever, and a terrible racking cough. Favoring Hardin will result in lower reputation than favoring McNamara, but all the benefits are still received (safe house, recycling ammunition box, etc.). There will eventually be a wooden door labeled Oxygen Recycling; enter this door. In the backyard, there is a crater with a car in it. Under the graffiti, the original sign reads: Additionally, the vault door leads directly outside, unlike most that have a natural rock formation or tunnel enclosing the entrance. Speak to Senior Knight Lorenzo regarding the failing air filtration system. Look for the entrance somewhere in the East Central Sewers. Either way, it's a piece of the Capital Wasteland in the Mojave Desert. Fallout 3 wasn't a bad game - far from it - but its successor Fallout: New Vegas was most definitely better. Fallout 3 and New Vegas introduce an unusual perk that allows players to consume forbidden meat. However, the dead body continues to be controlled by the fungal colony, allowing it to move around and infect more pests by spraying spores around the host body. Now McNamara wants the player to retrieve the reports of scouts sent to investigate the state of the NCR. Fallout New Vegas Still in the Dark? Find the door heading to the third floor and enter. Fallout: New Vegas is the fourth installment in the long-running Fallout series. Vault 22 dwellers were organized well, with patrols and sentries set up along all approaches into the camp, except for the stream. The. There is a bombed house directly ahead. As with smaller pests, the fungal colony continues to grow and develop. The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. I'm on the Food Production level of the Vault and my objective is to find HEPA Filter Cartridges. If the ranger is in the room while the radio is being rigged, he will notice what was done and will confront the Courier.