Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by audiokid, Jun 23, 2011. Hot. 2 years ago 2 years ago. These sound phenomenal and I still can't get over the quality of … Adam A7X vs Dynaudio BM5AMKIII vs Neumann KH 120 vs Focal CMS50. Try to find some SoundOnSound reviews of both and see which one seems more suited to you. 24 . Joined Jul 22, 2009 Messages 19 Reaction score 0. What could it be about the minimalist Neumann KH 120 that makes it the best studio monitor under $700? Neumann KH 120 vs Adam A7X: Which Is The Better Option For You? Said that some older Adam model had problems in the bass port; if you mix heavy bass music a test is essential…. Enormous power reserves meet … Oct 15, 2016 #21 Pwrmac7600 said: I think this issue has less to do with monitoring and more to do with brain function. £975. Trending. Adam A7X vs Dynaudio BM5AMKIII vs Neumann KH 120 vs Focal CMS50 Home. Adam A8X vs A7X vs KRK VXT-8 Studio Monitor Comparison Test - With Music - Duration: 4:45. New Head-Fier. 5. This is very much evident in their well-loved KH 310 Studio Monitors. They were founded by Georg Neumann in 1928. I’ve listened Adam’s few speakers. A: Music listening, (no production) mostly rock and instrumental … We all hear in a different way, work in different acoustic spaces and have different tastes. It's … The dynaudio seems to good but i'm scared about the rear port(the monitors will be 30cm~50cm away from the rear wall. Neumann President, Wolfgang Fraissinet and product manager, Andrew Goldberg introduce the company's new KH 120 active studio monitor - Part one of two. $699CAD each. The 10 Best Podcast Microphones For iPhone. The dimension that comes from the A7X is about 7.91 x 11 .02 x 13.27 inches and 20.3 pounds of weight. Neumann KH 120 5.25 inch Powered Studio Monitor | Sweetwater Advertisement . My 2 cents. Very clear mids/highs and a very enjoyable listening experience which should help with ear fatigue. Enclosed in a solid aluminium case, the KH 120 A is often cited as the most accurate monitors ever reviewed by users and critics, especially within the price bracket. Press J to jump to the feed. Never heard the sound of ‘‘NEUMANN KH 120 A’’ so I will not tell you not to think about it. I use Adam’s A7X and love them, very ‘truthful’ sound! On the other hand the marvellous reviews of the Neumann KH-120 are tempting me as well. The Adam Audio A7X is great on both counts, and it comes highly recommended by producers from many genres. But this made me realize I'm not an Adam (A-series) fan even though I've owned the A7's for three years. I should also mention I am moving back to London, UK in a couple of months so travel size is also a bit of a factor (but I have already come to terms with paying for an extra bag for everything.). Millenium BS-500 Set. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Also the Apogee seems like a good buy. The KH 120 is Neumann's trailblazer model and development yardstick for compact studio monitors. I still have my KH-120's. 2 years ago 2 years ago. Finally, we have the Neumann KH120a up beside the Genelec M030 and ADAM A7X. Hot. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Adam Audio A7X is a more popular studio monitor, based on its 40+ reviews. I am seriously considering buying my first set of monitors and an AD/DA converter interface. I am mainly interested in making EDM/House/Progressive-House/Experimental noise. NEUMANN … ADAM A7X. £975. MONITORS: ADAM A7X's vs NEUMANN KH120's. Seasoned producers and sound engineers often couple these monitors with a high quality subwoofer, and to … Enormous power reserves meet high-precision sound conduction. C. cn7 Inspired. Swissonic M-Control. Adam T8V. $799CAD each. Same for bigger one (I have Event Opals). Hi guys! It makes this compact studio sound better whether you play it on the loudspeaker mode. On the other hand the marvellous reviews of the Neumann KH-120 … Designed for nearfield applications, the speakers weigh in at only 6kgs for you to carry them with ease whenever you go. Thread starter nazanone; Start date Mar 22, 2015; Mar 22, 2015 #1 N. nazanone n00b. £35. You can not sit in the middle of your room. But I’ve also heard people gush about the Adams. The A7X's sounded muffled and harsh by comparison. 4693 . Adam A7X vs Neumann kh120. Davedog Well-Known Member. 333 . (If You are inclined you can check out some of my old stuff here http://soundcloud.com/lawlcat :) ). Hi, I really liked the overall sound of these and was really impressed with the "3D environment" these monitors seem to recreate. Neumann was an inventor who … I place the speaker on a small support plane in my lab, and lo and behold, just as the manual says, the … These aren’t hyped, bright speakers which flatter the material, but precise reference monitors in the old-fashioned sense, offering a flat, accurate representation of music. Never heard the sound of ‘‘NEUMANN KH 120 A’’ so I will not tell you not to think about it. You obviously have to set up your mix environment. Neumann KH 120 vs Adam A7X: Which Is The Better Option For You? This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Never heard that kind of depth and imaging before (although that's probably also due to the acoustically treated studio environment.). Adam A7X vs Neumann kh120. 4 months ago 3 months ago. andrewdoan is offline Quote. I don’t know about the Neumanns, but Adam A7X’s are amazing. Advertiser Disclosure. How can a speaker be so small, yet so mighty? I can recommend the Neumanns as I personally use them, but every ear is different:). Adam audio ‘re-engineered’ and fix it. They both sound differently but you hardly can find a better SQ with either. Stardiva makes a good point - people will recommend what they have (especially if a lot of money was laid out)! This issue was in A7X model only as I recall.
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