Users everywhere have reported that the touchscreen on their iPhone X/XS/XR has stopped working, regardless of the situation. There are several reasons behind the broken iPhone screen and you cannot rely on one. Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen. Do not wait for it turn on again. To turn off VoiceOver, you can say "Turn off VoiceOver" to Siri, or turn it off manually by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Get a crashed screen, broken screen, or unresponsive screen on iPhone are the most frequent cases. iPhone X doesn’t turn off by pressing and holding side button, as it brings Siri interface. Within seconds this will bring up the “slide to power off” option on your screen. Go to For most of iPhone users, iPhone screen get broken is a common situation that occur in daily life. An iPhone that's stuck on is a rare situation, but if it's happening to you, here's what's going on and how you can fix it. The next step before completing a factory reset is to turn off ‘Find My iPhone.’ ... Go to Settings > Screen Time and turn it off… 1. Hard Reset iPhone XR Step 1:Kick off iTunes on your computer, and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. This will turn on iPhone X within seconds. Statistically, there are nearly hundreds of users encounter this issue everyday. Unfortunately, when it comes to turning off the device, the power button alone doesn’t cut it. It's Easy to … If your iPhone screen is damaged, but you can still turn on the device, you can try to use this module to get photos off your broken iPhone. Using this app will help you on how to access iPhone when screen is broken. Instead of auto-dimming in the appropriate time frame, several users are claiming the screen simply won’t turn off on its own. You can release the side button when the Apple logo appears. If you do not have Apple Care plan, you will have take your iPhone to a repair center. If you have Apple Care+ Plus plan, Apple will replace your damaged iPhone new one. iPhone XS features vs. XS Max, XR, X You can lock the phone screen and keys to avoid activating your mobile phone by mistake. This method uses the hardware button to power off the device. Control iPhone from PC with Veency. The Home button is the round button at the bottom of your iPhone's screen. Until Apple comes up with a self healing iPhone, the only fix for an iPhone with broken screen is to replace the broken screen. You May be Interested In: Can't See "Trust This Computer" Popup? Now you can copy photos and/or back up your broken iPhone using iTunes. If you are unfortunate to get a iPhone with unresponsive screen, it might be make you hard to unlock the iPhone and access iPhone as usual. The only time I ever cracked a smartphone screen is when I accidentally dropped my iPhone 4S into a pool. We had one commenter (thanks Josh!) Force restarting an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or iPhone 8 requires a three-button procedure: Press and release the volume up button. Quite frankly, it is really difficult to unlock an iPhone with a broken screen … Here we will browse through different situations to access iPhone with broken screen and get it backed up. Advertisement If you try directly scan and recover data from the broken screen iPhone,it’s necessary to make it trust computer with totally broken iPhone screen,just tap “trust computer on iPhone” with broken screen. In fact, if only the glass is broken, the fix is quick and inexpensive. Lock screen removal is a headache on iPhone, and if your iPhone’s touchscreen doesn’t respond or broken. While Zoom is turned on, you can move around your iPhone screen by dragging with three fingers. Option 1: Quickly push the “Volume Up” button and then the “Volume Down” button found on the side of your iPhone 8. Turning off the iPhone X by using the button is one of three methods to turn off the iPhone X. Conclusion If your iPhone won't turn off, you may be worried that your iPhone is broken and that your phone's battery is eventually going to run out. Just read on the post and discover how to recover data from broken iPhone, including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone X/8/7/6s, iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc. The good news: a broken screen doesn’t mean your phone is kaput. Press and release the volume down button. In order to avoid this kinds of problems happen again, user can also try to get the operating system of their iPhone 8/X repaired. For iPhone X, XS, XS MAX, XR: Go to Settings -> General -> Shut Down The Concentric circle icons of the Assistive touch can be moved across the phone’s display. Instead, iPhone X uses a two-button combination to bring out the Slide to power off slider. Or skip to select an old iTunes or iCloud backup file to extract data. Pressing the Home button will prompt you to enter your passcode, and unlock your phone. Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off and then turns back on. > Slide the icon right to switch off the iOS device. Method 3: Erase Screen-Broken iPhone with iTunes. To turn off VoiceOver, you can say “Turn off VoiceOver” to Siri, or go into Settings > General > Accessibility to turn it off manually. Turn screen lock on or off. Press your iPhone's Home button to unlock. How to Turn Off or Control the Zoom On Your iPhone. > Press and hold the Lock Screen till a red and white color power icon is appeared on the screen and there will be a text as ‘Slide to power off’. To zoom in or out on your iPhone screen double-tap with three fingers. This process can fix even more complex iOS problems Including iPhone can’t turn off, dfu mode, black screen, apple logo, and more. 3. 5. How to Turn off iPhone X Without Buttons. This method works only if your phone is still able to connect to iTunes. Slide the power button on the screen to turn off your iPhone. To find out which version you have: Tap Settings, Tap General, Tap About, and view the version number. 2. When you first get a new iPhone, the default setting for screen Auto-Lock will turn off your screen after 30 seconds of inactivity.. Wipe Data From iPhone With Broken Screen. To enable VoiceOver, launch Siri by long pressing the … See How Fast It's Returned.↗️ Chat With A Human Not A Bot↗️ ️ ️ Better Than iTunes.Buy iMazing Software Now↗️, 20% Discount Code: iMazing20SydneyRepair ️ ️ ️Now Use Sydney Light Rail - Please Get Off ️[Chinatown] ️ Stop ️ ️ ️ The Shop has Opened As Usual. So, if you forgot to backup data from a broken iPhone and you want to access your files, you can try the suggested solutions from this article. I pressed and held the Side Button together with one of the Volume buttons. If you feel the need to view and control your iPhone with a broken screen, this app is of great help. Force restart the iPhone XR. The most irritating situation occurs when the iPhone screen gets broken but the data stored on it are not accessible. If your iPhone screen is broken and you need to press Trust, you can do so by enabling VoiceOver, and using a lightning-connector keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard to control your iPhone’s screen. Hot Topic: How to Clear RAM on iPhone X > Part 1. Reasons behind iPhone screen broken or locked. So, basically, you have no idea how to unlock iPhone with broken screen. No success, The “slide to power off” screen did not show up, the display remained black. If your iPhone is no longer with you because you either sold it or gave it away or if your iPhone’s screen is broken or it is not turning back on because of a dead battery then the good news is that you can turn off Find My iPhone or remove iPhone remotely from Find my iPhone using by following these steps. How to Turn off iPhone X with Screen. Also, if your side lock key is broken, to turn your iPhone X back on, simply connect it to an outlet or computer using the lightning cable. You are not the only person whose iPhone is locked with broken screen. When disabled, Siri will no read the contents of your screen aloud. Shutdown and Power Back On Secondly, I tried to shutdown the device. If there is a damage of internal component on iPhone XR that gets stuck on the Apple logo and does not turn on, you best bet is to have it repaired by professional. When the screen gets cracked then backing up those data from the phone is really hard. After doing some research and testing, here we came up with 2 working solutions.
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