Find more ways to say elongated, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ‘The body is elongated to emphasise a twisted head and an outstretched forceful arm.’ ‘With the Knights title-topping the table with two games still to play and City unbeaten after three starts to the Conference, sports pages are no longer the preserve of faces elongated by misery and despair.’ Elongated states are long and narrow, which can make the extreme ends feel isolated and hard to get resources to. Another word for elongated. It can present divisions between ethnic groups since people do trading and move across borders. The size and shape of the state, being shaped as a strip, makes distances an obstacle. or elongated 1. 2. Did You Know? How to use elongate in a sentence. Elongation definition, the act of elongating or the state of being elongated. adj. Made longer; extended. Compact State •The distance from the geographic center of Myanmar has existed in one form or another for thousands of years, for example, but the country's shape has made it an easy target for many other nations and people, dating to the Nanzhao kingdom in the mid-800s to the Khmer and Mongol empires. Elongated State •State that is geographically long and relatively narrow •Major Disadvantage: •Difficult to defend, govern, and communicate with •Transportation fairly simple •Cultural variations typical . 3. gates To make or grow longer. Elongated State Example . Elongate definition is - to extend the length of. See more. For example, if the capital were to be in the middle of an elongated state that stretches mostly north and south, then parts of the state that are east and west of the capital would receive communication and effects of power faster than the ends of the state that are north and south Like an elongated state, the panhandle complicates the management of the country. How to use elongation in a sentence. Perforated states completely encompass another state. Forexample, they are difficult to defend.Anelongatedstate, such as Chile, makes for difficult governanceoftheperipheral areas in…Definition – The domino theory speculated that if one land succumbed to communism, then the surrounding wouldfollowin domino… 5 ExamplesofElongatedStates- Asdnyi›examples-of-elongated-states/Cached page Elongated States States that are significantly longer than they are wide ex: Chile ex: Vietnam 7. Elongation definition is - the angular distance in the sky between a celestial body and another around which it revolves or between a celestial body and a particular point (such as the point where its path intersects the horizon).
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