Maybe I can look it up later on and dish it oot tae a o yez ehfter. Nothing after April? I am now back in my native Paisley for 6 years but spent 25 years in Dundee. Isn’t it amazing how, when you are a native speaker, you can seemingly invent words based on existing rules and discover that either –, A) It doesn’t exist but everyone understands it in the context Well I got busy that’s what happened. Its said exactly like it looks. I can see how it is for you sometimes now, you can leave articles sitting in the draft section if its not ready to go, sometimes they need a little bit more “ken” before they are ready ken? dae (third-person singular present dis, present participle daein, past did, past participle din) 1. to doquotations â–¼ 1.1. It doesn't mean "English". Write me in the comments about what you think that last outburst says. And yes you are quite right, suggesting someone in dundee comes from a different skeem in dundee tends to get the heckles up a bit. Its not the best of areas but i’m not ashamed to admit where I come from and who I am. Thanks for your well wishing. This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). 2. Two words from the Dundee dialect which nobody satisfactorily explained to me are oaree and gadgee as in “ken, he’s affy oary.” The person levelling the description feels superior to the person they are describing, but what do they actually mean? Am a pure nick – I am not looking my best. I’m always honored when people commit to following my blog, and a little awed as well — the responsibility to putting out work that people want to read. Teresa R. Your email address will not be published. ... Bawhair: used to determine a very short distance; literally meaning the width of a … Scottish Phrases in Old Dialect & Meaning. Awa’ an bile yer heid. Can I say that :)? dae translation in Scots-Scottish Gaelic dictionary. There we had Ken as knowledge,Understanding,Reservation or Doubt and the confirmation ken as well. Now a couple of those examples were interesting because they highlighted to me another use of the word “eh”, as I’ve got a few more posts in the works just now but just didn’t quite get round to finishing/publishing them. The goal of this blog is to make the Scottish language more accessible to the non Scottish English speaker, wherever they may come from. Your email address will not be published. Which means to hand out or distribute. By the early 16th century what was then called Inglis had become the language of government, and its speakers started to refer to it as Scottis and to Scottish Gaelic, which had previously been titled Scottis, as Erse (Irish).) Tae definition is - Scottish variant of to. Teresa Reasor. I’d say glide but for some reason I feel like glide is a wee but too “filigree” for Scottish … or better, not down to earth enough in that context…, Lol, perhaps slightly contrived but I guess it could work. I don’t really have the time to spend on that kind of detailed research at the moment however, so I decided to just stick to current usage without delving into history. They do teach more or less the same stuff at schools there but I guess there is a large degree of ignorance for a lot of dundonians when requiring to know anything other than what happens inside their own “skeem”. – Be quiet. You can, Gae definition: → go 1 | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples [clatter] I’m from Scotland, born and brought up in Dundee. Take this slightly contrived example for instance, Parent “nooow, mak shair ye dinna put them n thair” Here it is. Maun dae meaning 'will (in a very definite sense) do'. The first time I noticed the usage of “ken” was in a fantasy dialect in Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series. In plain English, it means: “Go and boil your head.” In short - get lost. For Love Island fans, “ma heid’s mince” is the Scots equivalent of someone saying “my head is scrambled”. (This phrase is never really used by Scottish people, but it is often used by non-Scottish people attempting to recreate a Scottish accent for reasons best known to themselves) I’ll be a fervent reader. Scottish Slang comes from the land of Braveheart, bagpipes, and the Loch Ness Monster, a beautiful and misty land of castles and lakes where the people are fair-skinned and stubborn as nails. Love words? It says “Dishin oot a the ken, so yooz kin a ken ken?”, and means something like “handing out all the knowledge, so that everybody can understand okay?” It includes the use of a great Scottish verb dishin – tae dish oot. At dis ma nut in – That does my head in. sup - small amount of liquid; swally - to swallow, also means alcohol (Dae ye fancy gon fur a wee swally doon the pub?) Origin – General Scottish word, most favoured by the Dundonian dialect (Dundee and east coast area of Scotland). We wouldn’t of had this problem if i had just done it myself” I Would say you are quite correct, if i said “He’s an affy oary gadgee” I would be saying that his level of language knowledge was lower than mine AND that i was judging his social position to be lower then mine as well. The Scottish dialect can vary so much even within our own country. Scottish Slang 1.0 (The Ultimate Guide to Help You Blend in North of the Border) Written by: Caitlin Published: 20th November 2019. Sounds a little self-serving at first, but it’s true… . Okay that last one wasn’t part of what has been discussed already, but it is true. Pure dead brilliant – Amazing. Unless the context was, that you were telling them about this wonderful blog post about ken that is . Also in the Scottish handbook are a huge wealth of hilarious sayings - these are some of the best around, and what they mean. You have a lovely country. Pure dead brilliant – … Boss – Your wasting my time, I’d be as well doing it myself. Rest assured i’ll get cooking and have some more material served up for consumption real soon. Boss – How? Posted on April 1, 2014 by ubungmachtdenmeister. Ken also has an -ing form but I can only really think of 1 real usage for it. Child “nuht” You need to consider the context in which it is said! Ma heid’s mince – My head is mince, meaning … – Don’t do that. Crivvens is an old old word and as far as i know has no uses in todays active scottish language. Keep the heid! Parent “I told you before, just behave”, Okay so that last example didnt really explain the “ken whut” usage much more, but it did illustrate a typical dialog, that at least i thought was humorous. Ken Someone (acquaintance), Glad to hear it. It goes from parent to sibling, or boss to employee, teacher to student (maybe in some dundee hehscales). It’s been used in a question to get information about someone else’s knowledge or lack thereof and it’s also suitable for use as a persons name. I wish you well in your pursuits. I thought it had been lost in the mists of time already. The phrase likely comes from trousers being described as “half mast”, and a flag flying at half mast signifies the death of someone. (Pic: AP Images) No matter what happens in the referendum over Scottish independence this week, the wit, expressive depth and wisdom of the Scottish people is something to be cherished. It's the Scottish phrase I heard whenever I'd moan or complain about not getting something (or someone! – I don't remember the first three days of this year. You would use this particular phrase if someone was really starting to get on your nerves. Great post! ... • Gonnae no’ dae that! A f, deh – the act of ceasing to exist or embarrasment – If. Gonnae no’ dae that! Lassie: girl. Lang may yer lum reek! This glossary will entertain. British Slang! “Yer aff yer heid” which translates to “you are off your head” can be used in many situations. [clatter] onomatopoeic sound of something breaking or falling Wuh d y no Ken? - What’s meant to happen will happen. In this blog I’m going to delve into the richness that is the Scottish language, explain to you, the avid reader, what the differences are between regions, if any and try to explain what the various phrases/words etc mean in plain English, supposing of course that such a thing exists . I guess they don’t teach geography in Dundee schools. The cottage in Alloway—with unreeking lum—where the poet Robert Burns was born in 1759. peh – a simple pie (a pastry round with a spicy meat filling and a disproportionate greeze content. Ken On its own as a reply to a speaker when you can’t think of any other more meaningful words to say at that exact instant. "I'm doing Drynuary." Scottish Words & Definitions. As you have already seen, you can use it build a number of different sounding words, just purely by modifying the pronounciation. eh shuda done it masel” Ken Something (knowledge), Braw: Good, good-looking, handsome. Temporary comment: Inglis is the old word for Scots. (Confirmation), So anyway jings is a bit like jeez but not as popular. When prompted in this way the speaker reacts slightly defensively, because he is slightly unsure as to what exactly is the real problem, he has no idea so he says “eh dinna ken” – The literal translation of this statement is “I do not know”. Boss – Whits the dae wee ye, how huv ye no done that joab eh telt ye t dae? The world disnae know how tae handle wummin like me so until cunts figure that oot, ah'll joost keep dain, an gettin, witever the fuc… Child “aw look wut ye done now, ken whut? Scunnered: to be irritated and/or bored with something.“I’m scunnered wae that!” Och aye the noo: oh yes, just now. This is the perfect phrase for when something is starting to turn your stomach - from a couple displaying too much affection in public or if the hangover from the night before is starting to kick in, ‘geein me the boak’ means you’re feeling sick. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. This would be a fun, somewhat affectionate nickname you’d give to someone who is tall and skinny. As an aside. – May you live long and stay well. Ken How (be able to, or have the ability), Over one thousand five hundred Scottish words illustrated. Thanks for reading and hope you to see you here again real soon. You would use this particular phrase if someone was really starting to get on … – Going to not do that. It is full of Scots words I know and use and a few more besides. Where does it come from? Am pure done in – I am pretty tired. jist daes yer telt”, Parent “Be careful to make sure that you put them in the correct place” The only place I know of it to exist is within the oor wullie comic book. Overview. Scottish mythology is the collection of myths that have emerged throughout the history of Scotland, sometimes being elaborated upon by successive generations, and at other times being rejected and replaced by other explanatory narratives. Pronunciation – Sounds like pen but with a K instead of a P What part of Dundee did you live in and for what reason. So by now we have seen ken used emphatically, in remorse, as a marker of knowledge or ability, as a standalone “nothing” word when nothing else pops into mind. Thats right. Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye! Scottish Sayings. – Farewell saying meaning “return soon”. He adds to that uncertainity by including the statement “Just no shair”, Now obviously the boss isn’t impressed by this so he retorts “ken whut, al dae it masel”. BY Robbie Copeland. This one basically means 'whatever is meant to happen to you, will happen to you"! Meh brehns r hurtn fae a this riten. Scottish Terms of Endearment. Cookies help us deliver our services. a personal pronoun when you want to talk about yourself, as in “I”. Ah umnae – I am not. Equal measures wise and funny, “failing means yer playin’” means that even if you’re failing at something, at least you’re taking part and trying. Oary (as i would spell it) and gadgee are two terms that are normally found together when used in the language. ). I hate hearing people say ken and duh or dinna ken. I’ll keep it up n let ye ken ken? Lastly before I sign off I wanted to explain the caption alongside my site title. This one doesn’t need as much translation, as the message is pretty clear: please don’t do that. If someone was talking absolute rubbish, you’d tell them: “Yer bum’s oot the windae!”. Been quite busy of late. Boss – What’s wrong? The Thy Will be Done Hammer. Dae definition: Dictionary of American English | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Sort the Scottish Word glossary by the letters of the alphabet from the A to Z menu above. – Said in reference to the weather, when it’s cold, damp and miserable. So that was a pretty typical example of what a common conversation in the dundonian speaking area of scotland, would sound like. Employee – Yes, your right. Wish I could have been dropped at Loch Maree for the rest of my days as long as I had my laptop and internet service to do research I could have moved there and never left. I’ll get right on it though I promise. Please continue to post. “To ken” the Scots version of the verb “to know”, and is one of the non-standard-English words you hear in most dialects of Scottish English. Here are a few of the Scottish sayings that I grew up hearing on a daily basis: "Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye." For anyone having trouble reading the scottish examples, they have been written as phonetically as possible in an attempt to look the same as it sounds (at least to me). 1. So, if you are wondering how to insult a Scottish person there isn’t a clear answer. Bye for now and I hope you enjoyed the post. You can find me at If a child said that to his mother in dundee, there would be “skelped ehrses ahwhys” – That means literally “smacked bottoms everywhere” which means something like “The child would have been thoroughly chastised” and if that is still too complicated then it means “The child would have recieved a telling off”. A friend from Dundee looked at me with incredulity recently when he wanted to watch Dundee United play Motherwell and I said it would take an hour by public transport from Paisley. The word “Ken” is a broad reaching versatile word of the Scottish language. Not sure about “glood”. As for glood, it’s not as deep as that, it’s just my phonetic spelling for glued, as in to be glued together. Yer bum’s oot the windae – You are lying or exaggerating. I think most dundonians would think you were talking about an actual guy called ken and not the word ken. Of course since I write romance I have to choose the words that will carry my meaning clearly to the reader without getting too deep into actual Scot’s speech. Saying it to your elder or superior is considered cheeky, which is not to say it doesn’t happen, just that i would say its not the done thing. Right I’m definitely going now, meh ehs r aboot glood shut. Parent “eh telt yoo no ta be cheeky to me ye wee shite, eh’ll skelp yer ehrse” Let me know if you need that translated. I’ve no idea. So the maun dae hammer means the biggest hammer in the shop to tackle a job that has been thwarting other means. here’s my guess for your last line: my eyes are about to ?glood? The “ken whut” part of this phrase is a modified version of the original phrase do you know what, which, although sounding initially like a question, is actually used in scotland as an idiomatic way of conveying annoyance or dissaproval. I have some more posts brewing in the background here but haven’t had the time to get them off the ground yet. Being Oary is the measure of the degree of someones use of the slang and special language that exists in the dundee area, being a gadgee is measure of ones apparent lack of wealth or social status. "I had a awfy guid Hogmanay." The correct translation of “meh ehs r aboot glood shut” is “my eyes are nearly glued shut” or “I am nearly falling asleep”, it was rather late when i published the page after all. Not sure what the word is they use there for “gutter talk” but im sure it exists. If your friend was heading out for a football match, you might tell him “gie it laldy!” as some words of encouragement. Thanks for reading and commenting. – I've stopped drinking during the day. I guess its close to the glasgow word jakkay. stovies - a Scottish delicacy usually made from stewed potatoes, fat, onions, meat and occasionally gravy. 😛 (translate: do you know what I mean?). To ‘gie it laldy’ means to do something with lots of gusto. I always knew intuitively that we speak different flavours of Scottish in different regions and without really trying have always been able to distinguish between the different varieties and … For example a Gadgee IS Oary if thats any help. For a few examples quickly we have. “Mad wae it” is the perfect phrase to describe someone who is way too drunk and acting silly, or when you’re looking forward to a party because you’re going to get drunk. If I remember correctly I did mention that my work takes me to a lot of different places and I have just spent the last 6 months in denmark completing a monumental project for the company I work for. I will attempt to explain some of the other words that get used in conjunction with ken as and when they come across but please do feel free to leave a comment if I miss any explanations out. Much of the following Scots slang has dual meaning so while some words are used in a loving manner, they can also be used negatively.
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