Hungarian Let us give you the information you need to … Please choose We know trying to find a Certified Birth Doula can be challenging. I offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions to get families prepared for hospital, birth center or home birth and beyond. Washington City Paper– Expecting Parents and … You can also leave the postcode box empty and search by just language. We support all birthing people and parents, regardless of gender, family structure, sexual orientation, national origin, race, disability, or religious affiliation. Available on (due date...) Date when you need a doula. I was drawn to birth work after the natural birth of my daughter and realizing the importance of a tribe and receiving reliable support. Birth Doula, Chilbirth Education, & Postpartum Support We provide guidance on hiring a doula here. They say when one door closes, another opens. As the only full-spectrum doula agency in the area, we offer nonjudgmental support to families in the Kansas City metro. Lithuanian My doula helped me prepare for a natural birth by helping me come up with a birth plan, assisting in finding a midwife, holding classes about the process and exercises to help with contractions, walking me through everything step by step, offering ideas about a topic when I had none, helping come up with alternatives to medication. Contact, Keshia Lockett , the  owner of Labor On Your Terms Doula. CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) MANY DOULAS ARE ALSO OFFERING VIRTUAL & REMOTE SUPPORT PLEASE GET IN TOUCH DIRECTLY WITH DOULAS TO ENQUIRE. As an herbalist, I bring my extensive knowledge of plants, herbs and natural supplements. As a health coach and chef, I bring my knowledge of food, recipes and meal planning. The persistence of high maternal and infant mortality rates among Black women is now being addressed in a very different way in New Jersey, says Ronsha Dickerson, the doula leader for the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative’s Healthy Women, Healthy Families program. Doulas are offering in person and virtual support at this time and doula training is available. British Sign Language Contact, Peace, my name is Paris, Keeper of Respect My Peace LLC, located in Jacksonville, Florida. Doula trainer, doula certification, birth doula training. When I’m not working, I’m usually homeschooling my children (ages 14, 4 and 10 months), reading or enjoying the Florida sunshine here in Bradenton, FL. • : Look for a doula, midwife, or lactation support in your city or state.Sista Midwife Productions is a birth advocacy organization based in New Orleans, LA. The massage therapy and birth doula affiliations that Sumling has been affiliated with over the years include the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (2010 to 2014), the American Massage Therapy Association (2017 to present), the National Black Doula Association (2018 to present), and Evidence Based Birth® (2019 to present). Contact, Erica Glover, the owner of Basic Instincts Birthing & Beyond. My earthly offerings are holistic postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation, and herbal support services. Find compassionate, unbiased, and evidence-based doula support, prenatal yoga, and childbirth education to support you on your journey. Serving: Your location: postal or ZIP code. I have attended births in all different scenarios (home births, birth center births, most hospitals) in Houston and great Houston, I highly admire, respect and bring with me the strength and determination from each family/ laboring woman I supported. A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Find a Birth Doula near you 74 near you. Hindi-Urdu is the perfect addition: Doulas of Northern Virginia. NPR & WAMU’s 1A– What to Expect When Expecting in a Pandemic, 2020. Please note that the results are presented in no particular order; the list is simply all those doulas who have said they can cover the postcode district you enter presented in a random order that changes on each refresh or new search. It will not be appreciated and will only bring your organisation and anything you are trying to promote into disrepute amongst Doula UK members. Since 2012 we have been helping families and black birth workers connect. Czech Follow on instagram @blackdoulaproject; Why maternal outcomes are worse for Black women and what doulas are doing about it: video She serves with gentle patience driven by education and advocacy. Your registry is filled, your hospital bag is packed, and your car is ready to go for the big day. With the help of a doula, you are more likely to have better outcomes and an enjoyable birth experience. The non-profit association of doulas in the UK. Christan, owner and birth doula of Naturally Rooted. This is so true. The door to becoming a Doula and Doula Trainer opened. 74 near you. You can read about the services doulas offer here, and example fees here. I gave birth three times, three different situations and for all of them I had a Doula with me. I am helping you to prepare your body, mind and spirit for a new life. I am here to provide an atmosphere where you feel  safe, comfortable, and supported throughout your birth. Thank you! I support families before, during and after birth. Erica is a Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulator. It would be her joy to journey with you! I stand with you, “Because Your Birth Matters.” A few of my favorite things: My Family Fitness and Nutrition Reading Travel Nature Tacos and Pizza :) Yoga. Greek I  provide spiritual, educational, and healing services through Meditation. If you are NOT an individual looking for a doula to hire, please do NOT use the Doula UK Find A Doula directory to spam our members. Sign Language Services offered include birth-plans, childbirth education, comfort measures education, acupressure and much more. Contact, I am a Birth Doula, Bereavement Doula and Postpartum Doula. That's why we've made it easy to learn about birth doulas near you. With a passion for all things birth, my goal   is to support, educate and empower you through your beautiful birth   journey in whichever way you see fit. We do so by honoring the legacy of the 20th century African American midwife, aka, … That includes providing personalized fertility information; evidence based birthing resources; local resources; personalized herbal and food support. Spanish Birth Today, with nearly 1,000 professionals listed, we have the largest and most comprehensive online directory of black birth workers. I am a professionally trained DONA  International Doula. Find A Doula Our birth and postpartum doulas are among the highest qualified, most professional doulas in the world. The only thing missing as you prepare to welcome your newest addition. Serbo-Croat Afrikaans Doula Trainings & Cost: Doula Trainings. Zip code. Owner Chandler is a trained and certified doula with a genuine passion for ensuring that her clients have a happy and healthy birthing experience. I provide none judgmental support through this divine transition into motherhood. CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) MANY DOULAS ARE ALSO OFFERING VIRTUAL & REMOTE SUPPORT PLEASE GET IN TOUCH DIRECTLY WITH DOULAS TO ENQUIRE. They challenge human rights violations, including maternal mortality and near misses, and rebuild confidence in the Black and Brown community’s ability to birth. Rates of maternal and fetal mortality are significantly higher amongst black women and babies. I know that your birth matters  and  believe having a doula by your side throughout the entire process  will  better prepare you for one of the most memorable days of your  life. My intention is to empower you through your journey by providing wisdom, love, and non-judgmental support. Enter the first half of your postcode (eg NW3): Type of doula service you need (optional): By joining as a Friend of Doula UK: Additionally, as an aspiring therapist I will not only focus on the well being of your womb but also your mental and spirit! Black women are less likely to receive appropriate prenatal care from their providers. Find a Birth Doula near you. Most have not learned it, don’t practice it, or may not believe in it, but it is crucial that we re-establish it. Instead, please contact us on and we can look at how we can work with you. Swedish Japanese Bursary Places available – Doula UK Introductory Workshop, Read more about the Doula UK Access Fund here >>. I help expecting families connect with their inner Love Warrior so that they can have empowering birth experiences. SABIA C. WADE. I believe that every woman deserves a doula regardless of their financial status. Top Pro. Natural Baby Doulas supports families during pregnancy, labor, & birth in and around Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington, NC. Bon Fête Doula Services is a professional doula business in Alexandria DC that provides top-notch pregnancy and childbirth support services at reasonable prices. Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. Very informative and super empowering as a black woman. Averjill is the founder of Sacred For Us, LLC where she is honored to journey with you as your Holistic Fertility, Birth and Postpartum Doula. Donate NOW, Copyright © 2020 Doula UK | Site by Very Simple Sites. Top 10 Birth Doulas near you. I understand the need to build a birth and postpartum team that can honor your voice. Childbirth education, newborn care, postpartum & breastfeeding classes taught for families like yours in DC, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Brandywine, District Heights, Clinton, Alexandria and Upper Marlboro and surrounding areas. Our directory was created to help BLACK families find BLACK providers. Currently working towards my Certified Nurse Midwife degree (CNM). Dia Flood - Dia is a Black queer doula who is passionate about transforming the landscape of reproductive healthcare to be a source of healing and power for our communities. FIND A BLACK MIDWIFE OR DOULA. Chinese There is a huge disparity in healthcare in the black community. IllumiNatal also offers options for parenting education including The Birth Class - a thorough childbirth preparation course for expectant parents - and The Baby Class - an in-depth course on baby care and parenting for the first year - helping new parents start off on the best foot! Families who work with a DONA certified doula know they’ve connected with someone who has completed our in-depth, high-quality training and certification process. Find a doula near you. Hebrew I’m a mom, an animal lover, and a super a nerd for all things birth, babies and parenting. Indeed, black women in America are three to four times more likely than white women to die because of pregnancy-related issues. The program trains Black women to act as resources for other pregnant Black women before, during, and after birth. I support families before, during and after birth. My goal is to educate and support families as they take on this new chapter in their lives with evidence based information, physical and mental support, 24 hour text support, labor support, postpartum support,  meal prep, and light house work. During an extremely stressful and delicate time of your life, it is important to have people who take stress away, not add to it and I unfortunately can't say that was accomplished with them. Doulas support the whole family to have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby. Finnish Proudly Trained by Earth’s Natural Touch Doulas (CT) and DONA. Mother.Sister.Friend. I act as emotional support and guidance and help to clear the clutter of information during this time. I believe in a woman’s ability to conceive and birth in the way that honors her journey. Bulgarian I am trained as a Holistic Fertility Doula, Rebyrth Doula + Placenta Encapsulator under the National Black Doulas Association. Danish I have a  passion for helping others and everything related to childbirth. I continue to thrive and manifest all that is meant for me personally and professionally surrounded in the support of my sisters and our ancestors!” ~ Kay Spencer “I was apart of the ReByrth Doula training and bc of everything going on it had to be virtual. One may wonder what attracted me to the Doula concept of non-medical care. Ukrainian, Click on the boxes to see more and contact each doula. Polish Find a Doula UK registered doula who covers your area by entering the first half of your postcode. Doula Services. Jovan Sage-  As a full spectrum doula, I am by your side on your fertility, conception and birth journey. Serving … Exceptional 83.0 (18) Exceptional 83.0 (18) In high demand. I have an authentic passion for helping others and my community. My goal is to educate and support families as they take on this new chapter in their lives with evidence based information, physical and mental support, 24 hour text support, labor support, postpartum support, meal prep, and light house work. Pacifiers: Check. Follow on instagram @sese_doula; The Black Doula Project: Providing free doulas to Black parents in DC and Baltimore. Kai Lorraine, owner and Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula of Healing Roots Tribe, LLC. As an Afro-Latina Doula it is imperative to me that I share my passion and calling with uninformed families to work towards reducing racial and ethnic disparities in infant and maternal health within undervalued and underrepresented communities. Contact, Hey y’all! DC METRO MATERNITY IN THE NEWS. 1 review of Black Rabbit Doulas "Unfortunately, we ended up not having a good experience with Black Rabbit Doulas. Gina Sutton Private Yoga Lessons. It was a wonderful experience. The National Association to Advance Black Birth, Instagram Live Chat, 2020. Since 2015 we have supported 500+ families with perinatal care. I am a revolutionary doula, educator, and somatic practitioner in training, elevating the voices and experiences of marginalized communities.I embrace my role as a liberator of self by birthing new and hidden aspects of individuals while nurturing the spaces within them that have never known love, all with the goal of autonomy, justice, and equity for all. Contact, Bianca Cunningham is a Bi-lengual Certified Interdisciplinary Full Spectrum Doula, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and owner of Calm By Nature Doula Services. Arrow’s Angle Podcast– Maternal Mortality in the US, 2020. Postnatal Honoring the Legacy An Afrocentric doula training recognizes a birth culture in African American communities. Find a Doula UK registered doula who covers your area by entering the first half of your postcode. Thumbtack; Wellness; Doulas; 1. Being around pregnant people (and babies) has always brought me joy, which, coupled with my own life experiences, led me on my path to lactation support and birth work. My name is Tiki Cunnien. Contact. I come to you with professional DONA  International training, a  degree in Psychology and a love for helping  others. Through its comprehensive and first of its kind "Equal Access Midwifery Clinic", Jamaa Birth Village provides culturally based traditional and evidence based Midwifery + Doula care, Perinatal Mental Health Care, Holistic Therapy, Spa Services, Childbirth Education and so much more! Portuguese Currently, I am completing my BeBoMia Maternal Support Practitioner certification and Women’s Herbal Educator training under Dr. Aviva Romm, Herbalist, MD, Midwife. Birth & Postnatal, Languages spoken (optional): Please choose Black babies in America have more than double the infant mortality rate of … My mission in Birth Work is to educate, support, empower and hold space for expected moms and their families. All are welcome here. I am a Birth Doula, Bereavement Doula and Postpartum Doula. It was while leading a hospice in Maryland that I was introduced to the end-of-life doula movement, and a new chapter for my life presented itself. JoinDoula DirectoryMembers LoginCOVID19 InfoFile a GrievanceOnyx MagazineCertified Instructor, BlogContactPrivacy PolicyCode of EthicsAdvisory BoardDonateTechnical Support. Bengali Diapers and wipes: Check. As a holistic doula, I will provide natural remedies and resources, not only before or during labor/birth but also postpartum. Dutch You can also leave the postcode box empty and search by just language. Turkish Russian ZIP As professional benefits expert, she is also a "Corporate Doula" for working parents or parents-to-be who need assistance in navigating and decoding the employer benefits space for fertility or family health coverage as it relates to birthing and beyond. German Join NOW, By donating directly to the Access Fund: I am passionate about my work as a full circle doula and childbirth educator. Whether at home, in a birth center, or at a hospital, having a doula will empower you in your birth. NATIONAL BLACK DOULAS ASSOCIATION®Copyright © 2017-2020 All Rights Reserved. FULL SPECTRUM Full spectrum Doulas are a growing group of Doulas and justice rights advocates who are working to bring the Doula care model to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy issues, including abortion, stillbirth and miscarriage, fertility and sex. French Slumber Party with Amanda Jewson– Postpartum Doula Talks Exhaustion and BIPOC Birth, 2020. In recent years, there has been an outpouring of articles on America’s black maternal health crisis, each highlighting the stark realities that pregnant women of color uniquely face. Arabic Black doula trainer, culturally competent care, doula support, childbirth support, labor coach, become a doula, doula life, learn to be a doula Korean Dia is a compassionate, tender, committed, and adaptable doula who believes you are the expert of your own body and trusts you and your body to give birth. Italian Search. Are you looking for a natural Birth Doula? Donate here. $375 - $500 Sliding fee depending on income level and location of training (scholarships are available) Breastfeeding for Doulas $70 ($50 if you take the doula training with me) Childbirth Education for Doulas $150 -$200 (Free if taken as part of the Birth Doula … Catalan
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